It’s time for our February 2024 release roll-up!

Posted February 16, 2024

We delivered some serious innovation and rolled out some great new features. It’s time to celebrate all the work our incredible product, design and engineering teams have delivered with our latest quarterly release roll-up.

Some highlights from this release include: 

  • Team Activity Report: Understand how your reps are performing every minute of the day. This report shows you metrics such as Prospects Added, Emails Delivered, Outbound Calls, and more. Get a pulse on your team’s activities so you can coach them to success and deliver results at scale. 

  • Smart Email Assist for Outlook: Same feature, new integration. Leverage AI to auto-generate email copy based on the prior context of conversations between buyers and sellers, directly within the seller’s Outlook Inbox experience. 

  • Improved Account List View: Quickly assess account status and progress directly with more context, providing sellers with tools for better prioritization, decision-making and understanding of account engagement over time.

And, there’s so much more.

Thank you to all the Outreach customers who have continued to share their feedback. We’ve continued to advance what AI-powered selling means to GTM teams, and we’re excited about where we’re taking AI for sellers next.

We realized the vision of bringing a single platform to life from prospecting through forecasting. Just take a look:

Now, sales and revenue operations teams, GTM leadership, and executives can deliver better results and more revenue — all on the same platform.  

Take a spin down memory lane

Dig in and see all that we’ve delivered in Q4:

  • Deal Overview
  • Forecasting & Pipeline Management
  • Team Activity Report
  • Urgent Task Notifications
  • Enhanced Control
  • New Default Layout
  • CRM Sync: Deleted Opportunities
  • Smart Email Assist for Outlook
  • Template and Snippet Selection
  • Trigger Branching Conditions
  • Account List View
  • Dynamic Email Post-Unsubscribe Links
  • Kaia Call Monitoring
  • Zoom Calendar Integration
  • Multi-Platform Video Conferencing Calendar Support
  • Google and Yahoo Bulk Sender Regulations
  • Sequence Categorization
  • Kaia Vocabulary 
  • Outreach Data Sharing with Snowflake for Email Sentiment
  • Reporting Improvements for Outreach Users
  • Public Calendar Availability in Outreach
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Localized Calendars
  • Workflow Governance
  • Prospect List View
  • Marketplace Apps by User
  • Smart Email Assist
  • Kaia Key Moments
  • Kaia Team Trends Report
  • One-Sided Recording for Kaia Voice Calls
  • Kaia Recording Consent for Zoom
  • Smart Meeting Assist

Our next release will be May 2024

Get ready… It’s gonna be a big one.


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