Outreach's enhanced inbox security options

Posted April 18, 2018

Security! We’ve got a complicated order.

Bon Qui Qui spoke sage advice about running an Enterprise-Grade SaaS solution in her time at King Burger. Solid inbox security is of paramount importance to us and to our customers, and we know that you are only as secure as the most vulnerable piece in your tech stack — especially when thinking about your company’s email server.

We know that some companies have strict policies against employees sharing passwords with 3rd party tools. That’s why we’re excited to share our latest feature for your inbox security: password-free login to your Exchange account through Outreach. Our password-free login is powered by Microsoft’s Exchange Impersonation setting to support organizations whose security blocks user passwords from being entered into external applications. Now Exchange users can connect their inbox to Outreach and send email directly from their email address without storing their password on Outreach.

In addition to password-free login on Exchange, we recently announced Gmail API sync, the fastest and most secure inbox sync available for Gmail users. Both Office 365 and Gmail users have password-free, token-basen inbox connection options with OAuth2 Authentication. Both OAuth2 and Gmail API sync, leverage a token-based sync rather than a password-based sync for an ultra-secure way to connect your inboxes to Outreach.

We’re committed to ensuring that, regardless of your password sharing constraints or your email client, your team is able to safely and securely send emails in Outreach to drive toward your revenue goals.

We also take the same care in storing your emails as we do in connecting your inbox. We have extensive governance to help you control how emails are stored, who can see emails, and prevent internal emails from being shared across the company.

And of course, we ensure every aspect of our platform meets the highest security standards so you know your email data (and all your data!) is safe with us. Outreach achieved SOC 2 Type II accreditation in December 2016 (renewed in Jan 2018). We are the first in the market to achieve this milestone demonstrating the continuous effectiveness of our security controls. We were also the first in our space to achieve ISO 27001, which laid the groundwork for our security program and policies.

Moreover, we’re fully prepared to enable you to be GDPR ready. A core component of GDPR is ensuring that your tools implement security best practices for safeguarding personal data. Outreach already has a number of these security and privacy mechanisms in place. In addition, we have updated the Outreach platform to help you meet your GDPR obligations, which you can learn about here.

We’re determined to help you crush your revenue goals while protecting your data and systems with a platform backed by the highest security standards. From how you connect your inbox to the way your data is stored, we have the strongest protocols in place to keep your data safe. When you really think about it, security isn’t such a complicated order after all.


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