Improve your Salesforce data integrity with picklists

Posted March 21, 2018

Spring is here and that means one thing: it’s spring cleaning time! I’m not just talking about trying to Konmari your closet for the 15th time. It’s also time to clean up your Salesforce data with our latest release: Picklists!

It’s hard for Salesforce admins to keep data clean when you have a million different reps using a million different naming conventions (or at least, misspelling the naming conventions your team has put in place). The difference between calling an industry “healthcare” or “health-care” can make or break your data validation rules, which results in data sync issues, inaccurate reporting, and a lot of wasted hours fixing those issues. The cost of the time spent cleaning up dirty data or the risk of fumbling an opportunity because you don’t have the right info can truly add up.

Now, you have one less data validation risk to worry about with Picklist support in Outreach. Picklist support allows Outreach admins to define specific values for a prospect or account field. With Picklists, admins can mirror the Salesforce picklist validations in Outreach, ensuring Salesforce data integrity between both systems when adding new values to prospects and account fields.

Salesforce and Outreach admins aren’t the only ones who should be celebrating the addition of Picklists. Reps will now be able to update fields in Outreach without toggling back and forth between Salesforce to update fields properly, and they can use their brain power on more important things than memorizing field syntax.

The following Picklist fields are now supported in Outreach:

  • Prospect: Custom fields, State, Region
  • Account: Custom fields, Type, Industry, Locality

We’re excited to help you keep every piece of data that goes through Outreach absolutely pristine, and we’re confident that Picklists will improve your data integrity while helping your team work more efficiently and accurately. This is the first of a series of initiatives in our mission to help you keep your data clean and validated. For more information on how to set up Picklists, check out our support documentation.


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