Forrester names Outreach a Leader in Sales Engagement Platforms

Posted September 23, 2022

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By Melton Littlepage

Chief Marketing Officer at Outreach

As one of three vendors evaluated in both the Forrester Sales Engagement and Revenue Operations & Intelligence Wave reports, Outreach is the only one to be named a Leader in both.

Outreach is thrilled to be named a Leader in Forrester’s 2022 Sales Engagement Platforms Wave report. We helped build this category back in 2014 when we first introduced Outreach Engage, which transformed the SDR / BDR role by improving sales engagement with workflows and intelligence that helped reps efficiently create pipeline.

Today, we offer a full Sales Execution Platform, which — in addition to sales engagement for pipeline creation — includes an unparalleled deal management solution powering reps and sales managers to close more of their pipeline and a leading forecasting solution for sales leaders. With all three solutions under one roof, the Outreach Sales Execution Platform empowers our customers to efficiently create pipeline and predictably close more of it.

Helping organizations create and close more pipeline and lower their sales execution risk is important because we know all revenue teams suffer from a Sales Execution Gap — the gap between the potential revenue of an organization and the actual revenue it achieves. This happens when teams are unable to identify the best actions to take in each stage of the sales cycle. If all of a company’s sellers performed at the same level as their top sellers, they would exceed their revenue goals every single quarter. But they’re not. The Outreach Sales Execution Platform closes the gap by helping teams create and close more pipeline, improve sales execution efficiency, and win more predictably.

Sales Execution Gap Chart

In its report, Forrester states, “Outreach focused on account executives, AI, and automation to close the sales execution gap.”

From the beginning, we built our platform to be easy for sales reps to adopt and quickly see value. Today, our AI-powered deal insights help revenue organizations simplify and automate sales rep workflows to optimize the creation and closing of pipelines. We guide reps and managers through every step of the sales process with real-world-tested playbooks and workflows. All of this empowers every rep to sell like an organization’s best rep.

We’re proud to help customers like Travis Henry, Director of Sales Operations and Engagement at Snowflake, who states: “Every improvement we make within Outreach makes it easier for our reps to be more productive and hit quota. It’s really causing a snowball effect, and we’re getting increased attainment against higher numbers.” Snowflake is one of more than 5,500 customers who trust Outreach to help drive their growth.

We earned our status as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Engagement Platforms, Q3 2022 report and are cited for our “superior product vision to be the AI-based sales execution engine instrumenting seller execution workflows.” In addition to being named a Leader in the Sales Engagement Platforms Wave report, we were named a Leader in the inaugural The Forrester Wave™: Revenue Intelligence and Operations, Q1 2022 earlier this year. 

We believe Forrester's assessment in both reports highlights the importance of bringing together elements of every sales tech category including sales engagement, revenue intelligence, and revenue operations. In fact, of the three vendors evaluated in both reports, Outreach was the only sales tech vendor to be named a Leader in both the Forrester Sales Engagement and Revenue Operations & Intelligence Wave reports.

“Outreach is a great fit for organizations looking for a single pane of glass with an extensive array of complementary integrations and AI capabilities for sales engagement, execution and optimization.”

We see further validation of our strategy reflected in Outreach receiving the highest possible score in 23 out of 30 criteria in the Sales Engagement Platforms Wave report. 

Outreach product offerings
Outreach strategy features

Knowing we have the opportunity to ensure that every salesperson is performing at the top of their potential keeps us energized. We will continue to innovate and invest in our platform, and most importantly our customers’ success. Making our customers our top priority is a critical part of our culture that we will continue to double down on.

To learn more about what to look for when evaluating sales execution solutions, download the full Forrester Wave™ report.


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