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Posted July 12, 2018

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

Enabling reps to be highly productive anywhere they browse.

Outreach, at its core, is a platform that provides all customer-facing teams with tools and insights to execute winning strategies – deal after deal. Our mission is to ensure that all of our users acquire the tools they need to be more strategic and successful when engaging prospects, and maintaining lasting relationships with customers.

Today we’re introducing our new Global Sidebar, a centralized location that houses the most actionable features in Outreach. No more going through multiple pages to engage with a prospect or having limitations on how you prioritize your tasks. Using the Global Sidebar, you can book meetings, manage and execute tasks, update prospect and account information, while measuring customer engagements results - all in one place and anywhere you browse.

The new Global Sidebar consists of three customizable tabs that can be accessed from anywhere in the platform or online:

Easily access, view, and book more meetings

The Calendar Tab provides clear visibility into your calendar and your co-workers’ calendars, allowing you to view your calendar and book meetings. Rather than going back and forth between pages in Outreach or anywhere you’re browsing online, you can now easily click on the Calendar Tab, view your calendar and your co-workers’ availabilities, and instantly book a meeting without ever leaving the page you are on.

Stay on top of your most important activities performed in Outreach

The Activity Feed Tab allows you to see all of your activities in Outreach and how each was accomplished and performed. You can sort and filter through your activities based on the following categories: Engagement Metrics, Your Notes, Record Updates, and System Updates. This makes it easier to segment and track activity performance, as well as take action on any low performing activity, i.e. emails, meetings, etc.

Optimize your workflow with improved task categorization

The Task Queue Tab lists all upcoming tasks and dynamically groups them based on workflow. The task grouping is categorized by One-Off Task, Tasks in Sequences, and Tasks by Accounts, enabling you to easily sort, segment, and execute on tasks more efficiently and effectively. You can even update your prospect and account information while working on tasks - all in the same place!

Our early adopters are already working more efficiently. Jenn Cordz, Marketing Operations Manager at GitLab, said,

“Global Sidebar gives reps a centralized view and work area where they can be extremely efficient. It reduces the number of screens a person has to use to get tasks and activities done.”

Outreach focuses on every customer-facing rep’s workflow and how they engage with their customers in our platform. We strive to design and build features that simplify customer workflows, maximize time, and increase revenue lift - all in the simplest way possible.

For more information on using these features watch our short video tutorial or read the support documentation.


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