The saved view Outreach XDRs use to boost meeting conversions by 30%

Posted February 16, 2024

By Sydney Morganlander

Manager of Growth Sales at Outreach

When it comes to hitting quota, knowing which accounts are ready to hear from you makes all the difference. This is where saved views can save the day.

Saved views provide dynamic filtering options, which I use to stay organized while using key data to prioritize my most winnable deals.

Here’s how I use the hot account saved view to prioritize my prospecting efforts and how you can create your own.

This "hot account" saved view saved me 10 hours a week & increased my conversion rate by 30%

My most successful engagements come from “warm” accounts or opportunities that have familiarity with Outreach based on previous open opportunities we’ve had with them. 

Instead of manually finding and researching these prospects, I had Outreach do it for me. Here's how

  • Account tier is [A] This gives me a subset of top accounts considered, so I can focus on my most winnable deals. It’s a custom field that syncs from our CRM using our teams' internal ranking, but you could also rank accounts using filters like industry field, deal health, or buyer intent score.
  • Closed opportunity count is [greater than or equal to 2] — I use this filter to show me accounts with two or more open opportunities in the past.
  • Sort by [last contacted] — I'll prioritize accounts that are more likely to be familiar with Outreach based on recent activity.

Prospects in this view are not completely cold and have an interest in our product, meaning they were more likely to respond. And because Outreach is also my source of engagement data and task execution, I use insights from previous conversations to pick the conversation back up with a targeted follow-up sequence — all without leaving the page.

This is an example of a targeted follow-up sequence I would use once I’ve identified an opportunity.
The results

Here’s what I saw when I prospected out of this saved view:


I saved 5 to 10 hours a week by eliminating the need to manually research warm accounts. Now, I can easily find accounts that are not completely cold or unfamiliar with Outreach.


I saw a 30% higher rate of meetings booked by focusing on accounts with previous opportunities.


I reached a 50% reply rate using a “pick up the conversation” style sequence to re-engage buyers.

This simple addition to my daily workflow only took a few minutes to set up, and it’s paying dividends. Head to Outreach and create your own "hot account" saved view to book more meetings, generate more follow-ups, and crush your quota.


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