Break down data silos, boost rep productivity, & protect data at scale

Posted December 15, 2022

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By Caroline Shin

Director of Product Marketing at Outreach

While good at managing records and processes, legacy sales systems have not evolved to support modern sales strategies. To stay competitive, organizations often adopt multiple sales tools. As a result, data is siloed, it becomes difficult to govern and manage data, and security and data privacy is put at risk. This also impacts sellers, as data silos make it challenging to see which actions lead to revenue-generating outcomes across the sales cycle.

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Outreach is the only sales execution platform that unlocks seller productivity for efficiently creating and closing pipeline. Outreach also provides a robust trusted platform to support customers’ enterprise data strategy at scale.

That’s why we are excited to share several admin enhancements that simplify onboarding so sellers can quickly take action on CRM data, boost seller productivity by enhancing team-based collaboration, and protect data at scale by providing org-level security controls, so your sales team can focus on selling. Keep reading to learn more about our latest capabilities:

  • Enhanced CRM Sync Experience
  • Multi-User Assignment
  • Advanced Email Sync Control: Header-Based Sync

Enhanced CRM Sync — Leverage guided onboarding to easily connect your CRM with Outreach

Many organizations see their CRM system as a source of truth; however, it’s often a passive system of record versus a proactive system of action. Outreach turns data into action with a robust set of bidirectional CRM sync capabilities.

To help admins quickly onboard and to enable sellers to efficiently get the correct information from their CRM and start taking action on that data, Outreach is releasing the Enhanced CRM Sync Experience. This new enhancement provides guided onboarding so you can quickly set up integrations with Salesforce (in public beta) and with Microsoft Dynamics (in GA soon). With this new guided onboarding experience and a more simplified UX for managing sync configurations, admins can quickly connect their mission-critical CRM with Outreach, while proactively addressing API and activity feed issues. These new enhancements help sellers get the correct information when they need it and with the support of a new reimagined information architecture that’s flexible and robust.

Enhanced CRM Sync Experience is currently rolling out to customers in public beta, you can learn more about the upcoming enhancements in our knowledge base.

Outreach and Salesforce integration

Multi-User Assignment — Enhance seller productivity by assigning more than one user to a record

Selling isn’t a one-person mission. Complex deals require multiple reps to efficiently create and predictably close pipeline — especially as buying committees continue to grow. In fact, according to the annual State of Sales Report¹, 60% of sales professionals say that collaborative selling has increased productivity by more than 25%, and 52% say it has done the same for increasing pipeline.

To help, Outreach is releasing Multi-User Assignment to enhance team-based collaborative selling motions by enabling customers to assign multiple users to a prospect, account or opportunity record. With this new capability, sellers can easily access and collaborate on shared resources, as well as reduce the time spent finding records (prospects, accounts, opportunities) that are relevant and assigned to them. By enabling sellers to better collaborate with their teams, and share information and resources associated with a record, organizations can drive greater customer experiences, and reduce the risk of deals falling through the cracks.

This feature is generally available to customers. To learn more, check out our knowledge base.

An animated GIF demonstrating the multi-user assignment feature in a sales software tool, Outreach. The GIF shows a user interface with a list of tasks or leads, each with checkboxes next to them. The animation highlights the process of selecting multiple tasks by checking the boxes and then using a dropdown menu to assign these tasks to different users. The interface is clean and intuitive, illustrating how users can efficiently manage and distribute tasks among team members within the software.
Use Multi-User Assignment for team-based collaboration by assigning multiple users to a Prospect, Account or Opportunity record.

Advanced Email Sync Control: Header-Based Sync —Reduce security and data privacy risk with additional controls

Lastly, we are continuing to invest in supporting customers' enterprise data strategy, especially as data privacy and security requirements continue to grow. Now in public beta, we are releasing the first Advanced Email Sync Control called Header-Based Sync. With this feature, Outreach is reducing the volume of data needed to identify if an email is relevant to Outreach, while also removing the burden on sellers to identify non-relevant and sensitive data.

Using only header and metadata, Outreach will determine if an email is relevant to Outreach, then sync the full email body of only the relevant emails to further process and provide valuable Outreach services such as email sentiment and A/B testing for sequences. To enable, admins can set an organizational control that applies across their sellers to help reduce risk of emails that may be private and not relevant to our service from being processed and stored in Outreach.

Header-Based Sync is rolling out to customers now. Admins can learn more about the feature and how to enable it in the knowledge base.

Header based sync in outreach

Improve rep productivity, drive greater value from your CRM, and enhance your data privacy

At Outreach, we are committed to enhancing seller productivity, while also earning customers' trust by providing robust integrations and underlying governance and data security controls to further manage and protect your data at scale. These capabilities are just a few examples that show our commitment to our customers, and we look forward to sharing more in the future. If you want to learn more about the new features covered in this blog, head to our knowledge base or request a demo.


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