Increase your sales rep performance with Outreach’s new Highspot integration

Posted January 20, 2022

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By Phillip Friedman

Head of Ecosystem & Partner Product Marketing at Outeach

What goes together like peanut butter and jelly? Sales enablement and engagement do.

That’s why Outreach is excited to announce a new integration with Highspot, a leading sales enablement platform that helps sales teams increase performance with AI-powered content recommendations, tracking, and analytics.

The integration connects Highspot’s sales enablement capabilities with Outreach’s Sales Execution Platform, enabling streamlined and personalized communications, and improving rep productivity and performance.

Joint customers can now be assured that reps have the right content to create personalized interactions with prospects throughout their buying journey without leaving Outreach.

“When best-in-class sales engagement comes together with best-in-class sales enablement, it elevates the customer experience,” said Rajit Joseph, VP of Product for Outreach.

The new integration between Highspot and Outreach delivers:

  • Improved rep efficiency: Reduce the time it takes reps to find content by 95 percent with Highspot’s powerful search and curated browsing experiences for specific selling scenarios within Outreach.
  • Better buyer engagement: Empower reps to make every interaction engaging within Outreach sequences and workflows with AI-powered content recommendations, customizable pitch templates, and micro-portals to merchandise content.
  • Streamlined workflows: Maximize selling time by giving reps access to the entire Highspot content library directly within Outreach.
  • Powerful performance analytics: Give reps insight into how prospects are engaging with content, including when individual recipients view, download or share content, enabling them to move the conversation forward.

Ready to improve your pipeline? Highspot and Outreach customers can start using the new integration today. Not an Outreach customer? Request a demo.


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