What is a click dialer?

Posted November 29, 2017

If your organization uses cold calling to drive sales, you may have heard of a tool called a "click-to-call dialer." A simple software platform that allows outbound teams to move from call to call in just the click of a mouse, click-to-call dialers are becoming more popular in busy call centers and fast-growing organizations. Here's what you need to know about these helpful tools.

How Does a Click Dialer Work?

Click-to-call dialers allow teams to make calls quickly, regardless of which application they're working in. The software also allows teams to record live calls and upload call notes automatically to Salesforce. This, in turn, makes it easy to access insights on things like connection rates, call performance, and call duration.

Outreach's click-to-call dialer also integrates with Google Calendar and provides simple tools like meeting templates, streamlined availability updating and personalized invites.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Click Dialer?

Over the last several years, cold calling has gotten a bad rep in the world of marketing. Frequently labeled as disruptive and ineffective, lots of organizations have cast it aside without realizing that cold calling is, in fact, alive and well. It's just when and how you call that makes all the difference.

Right now, click-to-call dialers are working to make the process of cold calling more intelligent and streamlined. Here are just a few of the benefits of using one in your organization:

1. You'll Save Time Typing Numbers

Click-to-call dialers work to save time on a few big levels, but the most obvious and simple is that a click-to-call dialer will save your team time typing numbers into a phone.

Because click-to-call dialers allow you to make calls directly from whatever application you're using, they streamline the outbound call process and allow your team to make more calls in less time.

2. Automatic Data Logging

One of the biggest dangers with cold calling is that your team won't accurately log all data, or won't have the ability to log certain data. With a click-to-call dialer, though, this is an issue of the past.

Since these click dialers automatically log all call data, including connection rates, call duration, call time and more, they're an effective way to empower your team through real-world knowledge.

Since the data gets logged between calls, the rep is freed to move directly onto the next call!

3. Local Presence

Did you know that leads are more likely to pick up numbers with a local area code? Click-to-call dialers that offer local dial have higher answer rates, which help your reps reach more prospects with the same number of dials.

4. Call Recording

If you're not recording your calls, you're missing out on opportunities for connection and training. However, a click-to-call dialer can help solve this issue.

By listening to, recording, and logging live calls, as well as automatically syncing calls and call notes to Salesforce, click-to-call dialers help your team bank as much information as possible from calls. This also gives them data to refer back to later if they so choose.

5. Simplified Prioritization

One of the best ways to get major results from your call team is to prioritize activities by focusing first on your most engaged prospects.

When you focus your activities on leads who have opened an email multiple times or subscribed to a campaign, you increase your team's chance of success and conversion. Click-to-call dialers provide the insight you need to identify these leads and make a plan to connect with them as quickly as possible.

6. Quick Follow-Up

By saving teams time and making lead data immediately accessible, click-to-call dialers make it possible to engage inbound leads with high-priority call tasks. This is essential for driving conversion, as following up with inbound leads in five minutes or fewer results in a nine-fold increase in confirmation.

7. Intelligent Timezone Detection

With a click-to-call dialer, you can call prospects on their time -- and specifically within the business window. Bonus points for adding intelligent timezone detection, which provides conversion-boosting local dial-in outreach.

Dialers also help you find the best time of day to call. The Outreach click dialer, specifically, tracks when you connect with prospects and when you don't. This framework helps you understand when dialing is most effective. While most prospects are likely to pick up in the morning and at the end of the day, voice analytics can help you pinpoint the exact times you should be calling your prospects.

Outreach's Click-to-Call Dialer

If your team is going to run cold-call campaigns, it pays to do it well. Today, when and how you call makes all the difference. Phone-based campaigns work better when accompanied by email and social outreach.

Unfortunately, lots of teams don't have the agility or tools they need to create campaigns that are this effective. When you use Outreach's built-in dialer, though, this issue is a thing of the past.

Offering intelligent insights, smart tools, and the capabilities you need to adjust your call strategy to your actual leads, a good click-to-call dialer can save your team time, make your cold calls more effective and lucrative, and make it as easy as possible to connect with more leads in less time.


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