Announcing Outreach Voice, the most effective voice dialing system for scaling sales teams

Posted May 30, 2016

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By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


Today, we're incredibly excited to announce that we have officially released Outreach Voice, world-class voice dialing built natively within Outreach.

For quite some time now, we've been giving many of our customers early access and today it's available for any Outreach customer.

There are many features that make voice dialing a complete solution, and today we'd like to start by walking you through the core set of features that will enable you to dial quickly and easily, on demand.

The Demo

Once an organization has enabled Outreach Voice, administrators will be able to enable access for specific users by configuring custom profiles settings related to those users.

Once enabled, those users will have access to Voice settings on their user profile, including the ability to choose phone numbers they can call out from, and receive calls back in through. Don't forget to choose which number you prefer as your default for outbound calls.

Outreach Voice comes out of the box with the ability to call over the internet (also referred to as a VOIP dial), or to call using telephone hardlines, by initiating a call type referred to as a Bridge dial (which allows you to call using a landline or mobile phone).

Once setup, users can click a phone number or phone icon to initiate a call, and Voice will automatically start calling.

When making a phone call, whether by VOIP or Bridge dialing, end recipients will see the caller ID of your Outreach Voice phone number, and if they miss a call and dial you back, the incoming call will be displayed in the web interface for you to answer, or directly to your bridge phone number.

Once a call is complete, users can log the outcome of that call with any associated notes, and if Salesforce sync is connected, this will automatically log in the background.

Additional Information

Outreach Voice is an incredibly powerful calling suite, and is a required asset for any well-planned sales strategy.

Getting started with Outreach Voice is as simple as signing an order form attached to your account, and you can request access by contacting your Outreach sales rep, or getting in touch with Support.

Once setup, organizations will be billed monthly based on their usage of minutes, and reserved phone numbers.

In addition, Kaia, our AI-driven virtual assistant, can now join your Outreach Voice calls, capturing real-time transcription and automating post-call notes. Kaia for Outreach Voice makes it possible to capture objections, including budget constraints, changing criteria and cost/price requirements, and guides your sellers with appropriate objection handling during the live call. 


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