Administrators can now control the set of dispositions used in calling

Posted April 29, 2016

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By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


When you're running an account-based sales process, Calling is something your team is going to be doing a LOT of.

Accurately logging which calls were picked up, and which weren't are crucial for your call reporting for things like "best time of the day" to "connecting with the various personas you're targeting."

Today, I want to show how you can now customize your call dispositions, and where that data gets pushed back into Salesforce.

Let's take a look!


To customize your call dispositions, go to settings, Prospect, and Dispositions. You must be an admin to access this.

To start, you'll see two options already setup as existing dispositions.

To add more, simply click the Add button, and fill in the name field.

The field named "Map To" is optional, and exists to help automatically select a disposition based on what Outreach Voice detects happen during the call attempt.

Don't forget to hit save.

Once created, you have the ability to control the order these display in your dropdown by using the up and down arrows on the left.

Once setup, the next time a user is making a call, they will see the full set of dispositions in their dropdown.

Additional Information

Many organizations will want their Outreach call dispositions to mirror what they already already setup in Salesforce.

For those who would like some suggestions a great set to get started with, you can flow the link below.


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