We’re bringing you a more powerful Outreach API

Posted September 28, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

Last year, we developed our platform API to empower customers and partners to build incredibly robust integrations for a variety of use cases. Our new API does all this and then some. We’re excited to bring you an all new platform API that makes it easier than ever to connect 3rd party applications to Outreach. With a new foundation, the opportunities to create something magical with Outreach are limitless.

Moreover, with this update, you can now build integrations into Outreach on top of the same API we’re using to build the platform you love. That’s right - we’re giving you the most open and powerful way to connect to Outreach. The new API is easier to use, features new options for connections, includes new and improved documentation, and over time, will be able to support every action you can do in Outreach. Plus, as we grow our platform, we’re also growing the same API you’re using to build amazing things.

So, what does this mean for Outreach users?

Today, this means we’re bringing you more possibilities to support integrations with:

  • Improved analytics support - We originally built our API to make it easier for you to connect Outreach data to an analytics solution, like Tableau or Domo. The new API supports this, but better. You can see up to the minute analytics about your sales performance, with our fastest, most reliable connection between Outreach and your analytics dashboard.
  • Transfer data from your CRM into Outreach - You can use the APIs to transfer data between Outreach and your in-house CRM platform without having to touch a CSV again. For reps this means less manually handling CSV files, and more automating the transfer process. Sales ops teams, start booking some longer lunches because this will save you a ton of time on repetitive, manual tasks and allow you to import more data to Outreach.
  • Workflow automation - The new API allows you to automate actions based on certain scenarios or triggers to reduce manual effort and increase accuracy. Adding prospects to sequences is a great example of how this can work for you.
  • Stronger 3rd party integrations - We want to support any integration into Outreach that will empower you to sell more. With our new API, 3rd party integrations are easier and more reliable than ever so you can get the functionality you need, without a huge fuss and 500 developers.

We are also updating our API documentation to make it easier to understand how to connect with these integrations.

This release is just the beginning of our vision for a unified API. We’ll constantly build this resource to continually open up new opportunities and integrations - for instance, soon you’ll be able to create triggers based on internal processes, like adding a prospect to a sequence based on their Marketo lead score or if they download an asset from your website.

We believe we aren’t the only ones who hold the vision to what Outreach can help you achieve. With our new platform API, technology won’t hold you back. What amazing things will you build? If you’re interested in learning more about our new API or to request API keys, check out our technical documentation or contact platform@outreach.io.


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