The Salesforce data sync safety for null overwrite is now more configurable

Posted May 3, 2016

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By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


Today I'm excited to announce an important upgrade to our Salesforce sync that adds more control to an already incredibly robust sync engine.

We've spent a lot of time on our bidirectional sync with salesforce to ensure users can engage with leads and contacts using the Outreach platform, and data can stay completely in sync with Salesforce.

A big part of building reliable and trustworthy sync is controls to help administrators protect their data.

As of today, within the plugin settings, administrators will now notice that we have added granularity to the controls around skipping data transfer on null values.

This is really important in ensuring that just because you don't have data in a particular field on one side, you don't null out existing data in that field on the other side during a push - which as you can imagine, is a pretty common scenario.

Let's take a look!


While previously there was one switch per object for preventing null overwrite for both in and out, we've now moved these toggles to be on a per-field basis.

The null overwrite safety is defaulted to on for each field, and administrators can control which direction individually.

Additional Information

Most users don't need to worry about the nuances of bidirectional sync because we've done the legwork to ensure it works seamlessly in the background.

As a quick note, we do recommend that if this safety is disabled, it's done thoughtfully, and for short periods of time.


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