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Posted September 20, 2023

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By Lejla Rašić

Product Marketing Manager at Outreach

We get it, navigating the world of creating and converting pipeline can sometimes feel like trying to juggle a dozen balls at once. Sellers are managing a million things, and as responsibilities pile up, ensuring prompt and relevant email responses becomes a challenging task.

According to Forrester Research, sellers spend a whopping 77% of their time on non-selling activities. That's a lot of precious hours lost to tedious activities outside of selling, with a significant portion of that time being spent in the email abyss. We've all been there, staring at that blank screen, wondering where to even begin. And let's face it,you want your sales people selling - not composing essays.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the general availability of Smart Email Assist, an AI-powered email response generator that brings generative AI directly into the seller engagement workflow. 

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • How you can leverage Smart Email Assist to boost seller productivity
  • How Smart Email Assist improves the relevance of generative AI content
  • How our beta customers use Smart Email Assist today to empower their sales teams

Boost seller productivity

Smart Email Assist delivers a trio of game-changing benefits. It harnesses the power of generative AI to supercharge your sales reps' productivity. No more staring at a blank screen or wrestling with writer's block. Instead, your sellers can quickly generate email responses and customize tone, edit content, and ensure that every message sent is driving to the next step in the deal cycle. 

Smart Email Assist isn't just about saving time; it's about freeing your reps to focus on what truly matters - quality time dedicated to exceeding buyers expectations, advancing deal stages, and closing deals. Your reps can now channel their energy to where it counts, leaving the AI to handle the heavy lifting.

Lastly, we recognize that for AI to be truly transformative, it must seamlessly integrate into your reps’ existing workflows. With Smart Email Assist, we accomplish just that, eliminating the hassle of constant platform switching or the tedious task of copying and pasting from one place to another. This not only streamlines sellers' workflows, but also safeguards the organization by governing the content used by models to generate the output.

Most importantly, your reps are the captains of their ships. They're in control of every message that sails out. With this approach, your reps can focus on perfecting, editing, and reviewing the content without the need to simultaneously play the roles of both author and editor.

Leverage Outreach data for more accurate and relevant content

In our previous Smart Email Assist public beta announcement blog, we wrote about email responses being automatically generated, taking into account previous conversations between the buyer and seller. Reps can then fine-tune the generated content as necessary before hitting send. Additionally, reps have the option to enhance context, such as adding additional information in the prompt, specifying the response’s length, or adjusting the tone to suit the situation.

Starting today, Smart Email Assist prompt is enhanced with the content that lives within the Outreach platform to generate more accurate and relevant email responses. The content that customers can utilize to add more specificity and context to Smart Email Assist prompt consist of Templates, Snippets and Kaia Content Cards that are specific to the seller's organization. Reps no longer have to memorize or browse through company-approved content to master company’s messaging, competition, and pricing information and then spend time figuring out how to incorporate it into their email response. Context switching, copy-pasting and checking three different places to get your facts right before even starting to write your email response can be left in the past. This feature, currently available in public beta, will soon roll out to all customers!

gmail smart assist
Smart Email Assist is an AI-powered email response generator designed to supercharge rep efficiency.

Empower your sales teams

But don’t take our word for it. Smart Email Assist was used by more than 80 customers during public beta. Many customers enabled Smart Email Assist for their SDR and AE teams, recognizing that AI-powered tools are on the way to becoming every seller’s indispensable digital assistant.

Customers rated Smart Email Assist as very easy and intuitive to use. An enterprise sales leader stated,“I loved how Smart Email Assist picked up on my writing style, organized my thoughts and saved me 2-10 minutes on routine emails.”  Time savings was mentioned across several beta customers claiming that Smart Email Assist provides a good starting place and helps in removing that first email response draft from their workflow. In addition, customers praised the prompt settings, enabling them to fine-tune responses to align perfectly with their unique writing style. Another customer said, “I found Smart Email Assist quite intuitive and it was impressive to see all the different setting options available for email response - from formal to informal tone and also, in terms of length, it was just right.”

Customers shared that they believe that integrating generative AI into seller workflows can help empower their sales teams and are excited to continue to see it in action.

Smart Email Assist is available today!

Since the beginning, AI has always been integral to Outreach and backed by the most extensive data set in the sales industry. We’ve been focused on improving seller productivity across the entire sales cycle to help sellers make more data-driven decisions, execute the right actions, and drive winning outcomes. We’ve leveraged AI to understand and drive the next best actions sellers can take, and now we are taking it a step further by bringing the power of generative AI to create those interactions on behalf of the seller.

If you are an Outreach customer, learn how to enable Smart Email Assist for your organization here.

To learn more about the evolution of sales and how your sales teams can leverage AI to boost productivity, check out product news announced at Unleash 2023, including our new Smart AI assist capabilities!


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