We've released local dial to improve your call-connect rates while using voice

Posted June 6, 2016


Today, we're excited to announce that we've released Local Dialing as a core feature within Outreach, to increase your team's connect rates.

For those who are newer to this concept, Local Dialing is simply the ability to make a call from a number that matches the area code of the end recipient, and as a result, increases the likelihood they will pick up when you dial.

Functionally, Local Dial allows an organization to share a bank of numbers for the area codes they dial into, and has a ton of intelligence to ensure outbound and inbound calls are routed correctly to and from the right reps.

I think you'll see why our customers have found Local Dial to be a critical component of a well-tuned sales communication suite.

The Demo

Once enabled, if users have their preference set to use Local Dial, when making a call, Outreach will ensure that the number they are dialing from matches the area code of the end recipient.

If a user already has an area code in their personal set of numbers matching the area code they are dialing, Outreach will use that number.

However, if no match exists, then Outreach will use a matching phone number from the company's shared pool of numbers.

In the case where the pool of numbers doesn't have a match, Outreach will automatically provision a new number for the call, and place it in the pool.

Outreach has built Local Dial to be smart enough to ensure that even though the pool of numbers is shared amongst many sales reps, that inbound calls will be routed back to the correct rep based on caller ID.

Calls will be routed back to the web browser if a user is active, or their mobile/landline set on their bridge.

Additional Information

Local Dial is yet another powerful feature within the Outreach Voice family of dialing features to make your team more effective.

To get access to Local Dialing, or Outreach Voice basic package, get in touch with your account representative, or contact support.


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