Tasks due can now be filtered against local time of prospects

Posted June 9, 2016

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By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


Today, we're excited to announce that we have enhanced Outreach task flows by surfacing the local time of the prospects you're engaging with.

This is an important feature, because when it comes to timing your calls and emails correctly, the most crucial idea to understand is that the prospect's local time is far more important than your own local time.

For example, while it may be the middle of the day for you, it may be late evening for your prospect, and knowing this should have an affect on how you think about when you should make that next call, or send that next email.

I think you'll see why having the local time featured prominently in workflows helps SDRs and AEs make better choices around how to time their activities.

The Demo

Within both the 360 View and the Tasks section, you will be able to filter sales tasks based on the local time of the prospect for whom the task belongs.

Any user can easily filter sales tasks down to only those where the prospect's local time is between certain hours of the day. We also provide the option to choose whether to include or exclude tasks for prospects where no time zone is currently known.

Once that filter is applied, we recommend you create a Smart View that lets you get to this specific set of tasks within quickly and easily. If it's your primary task view, you can also set this Smart View as default.

Additionally, on the right side of the prospect page, we now show both the time zone, and the local time based on that time zone.

Additional Information

Knowing the local time of the people you're trying to engage not only helps with tackling your activities, but also with using analytics to learn which personas should be engaged at what times, through which channels.

These features are available today, and in the future you'll see more enhancements within Outreach to help guess the time zone of prospects that are missing that information.


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