Conversation intelligence

Make every call count with real-time intelligence

Outreach’s conversation Intelligence is powered by Kaia™, an AI-powered virtual assistant, that joins and records live meetings, captures real-time transcription, and delivers on-demand confidence. With Outreach, new reps ramp up faster, sellers run more productive meetings, and managers can tap into the details and trends across all conversations.

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Remove painful non-selling tasks

Boost rep productivity by automating tedious sales tasks before, during, and after meetings. Kaia automatically transcribes entire meetings while capturing key moments, action items, and behaviors — so reps can stay focused on the customer, not on taking notes.
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    Turn data into deals

    Identifying risks and staying ahead of the competition requires diving deep into deals, meeting notes, and data — and it takes massive amounts of time. Let Kaia do the work for you with a single view that recaps the rich history of all your meetings.

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      See Outreach's newest conversation intelligence features in action: Buyer Topics and Reactions in Kaia allow AEs and sales managers to review recordings of customer meetings and quickly pinpoint the buyer’s reaction to relevant sales topics, such as budget, legal, or support.

      Conversation intelligence features at a glance

      Real-time call recording and transcription
      To build accurate transcripts, the Kaia language model learns your organization’s unique vocabulary: product names, competitors, and other industry terms.
      Content cards
      Kaia surfaces enablement-created content cards at the right moment in virtual meetings, so reps can easily answer questions about competitors, product features, pricing, and more.
      Action item detection and follow-up
      Kaia detects when action items are spoken and syncs them to the meeting transcript. After the call, those action items can easily be added as follow-up tasks.
      Bookmarks and notes
      Capture important details and add personalized notes to remind yourself of critical information in context of the sales conversation.
      Comprehensive search
      Find key moments within a conversation by searching for topics, keywords, phrases, or other meeting information within a call recording transcript.
      Talk time report
      View rep meeting performance to understand how often reps are asking questions to ensure the buyer stays engaged. Compare rep performance to team benchmarks to ensure meetings are productive and not one-sided.
      Kaia playlists
      Compile best-in-class-calls and share with the team to learn how to handle objections, questions, or competitive threats.
      Topics and buyer sentiment

      Get insight into trending topics and the reactions from your buyers in calls, without having to attend each one.

      See the full power of the Sales Execution Platform

      Create quality pipeline, maximize rep productivity, and drive predictable revenue growth with Outreach.

      Maximize seller productivity with high-impact sequences and playbooks that help the entire sales organization efficiently create new pipeline.

      Run deep, data-driven deal inspection with reps, focusing on actions that accelerate deal velocity and boost conversion rates.

      Increase win rates by 26% by allowing AEs and customers to jointly drive smooth, predictable purchase processes that improve deal qualification and clarify every deal’s next steps.

      Run winning sales meetings with real-time, in-meeting enablement that decreases rep ramp time while automatically surfacing trends, new objections, and competitive threats.

      Increase quota attainment with insights that guide sellers before, during, and after critical meetings. Share examples of best practices, coach on next steps, and spot risks across every deal, without having to attend every call.

      Quickly identify and prioritize the winnable opportunities, spot at-risk deals, and get actionable recommendations that increase win rates.

      Confidently inspect your pipeline to detect gaps, model assumptions, and scale strategies that increase conversion rates and seller productivity.

      Make forecasting less manual, more frequent, and increasingly accurate. Adjust assumptions, model scenarios, and analyze trends to increase pipeline coverage and win rates.