Content Blueprints build sales email best practices right into Outreach

Posted August 17, 2017

Knowing the right things to say is the foundation of a good sales strategy.  It’s the difference between a deleted email and a meeting for sales rep, or a closed deal and lost opportunity for an account executive. But email best practices are a well kept secret that most sales teams guard like their lives depend on it.

At Outreach, we believe every sales rep should be set up to crush quota. That’s why we’re excited to announce Content Blueprints, a powerful tool that brings top sales email best practices into your Outreach account.

Blueprints are a content library built right into Outreach and provide you with a starting point for any sales email, using email best practices that will get every rep on your team up to speed faster. We’ve taken tried and true content to give you email guidelines that actually work. We’ve sent hundreds of thousands of emails to tens of thousands of prospects, so we have the data to back it up.

Next time you create a sequence, template, or snippet, you’ll see the option to create content from a blueprint. As you browse available blueprints, you can preview the content before you use it. You can also quickly search and view the content your team has created, so you never have to start from scratch.

You can choose which blueprints to add to your account. Pick what works for you and leave what doesn’t to keep your content organized.

When using blueprints, it’s important to add your own personality and customize the content. We can share sales best practices, but you are the expert on what works for your company and industry. Blueprints provide the perfect skeleton for your emails so you can focus your efforts on the important part: personalizing your communication, and implementing the right messaging for your industry. We even indicate within the blueprint where we recommend you should add a personalized note to your recipient.

There are lots of “how to” articles out there that tell you how to sell in theory, but Content Blueprints are giving you the power of those email best practices right within Outreach. When every sales rep on your team has access to the same best in class knowledge, your whole company can achieve more.

We’re so excited for you to start using blueprints. Contact if you have any questions.


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