Track Salesforce email - a central hub in your sales wheel

Posted August 2, 2017

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By Serena Miller

Editor, Sales Best Practices at Outreach

It's important that your sales team has a competitive advantage. That quite often means getting the best sales engagement platform that enables your reps with all the information they need, including email activity.

Having the ability to track Salesforce emails can help by alerting your reps when emails are opened. Often, other information is provided as well, such as the device it's opened on and the ip-based location of the prospect. There are several big benefits to tracking emails- the following are just a few that can help you increase your business and sales processes.

Tracking emails saves time

If you can find a way to close deals quicker that's always for the best and that's exactly what you get when you implement track Salesforce email features. Being able to see that your prospect is in fact on vacation when they open an email means that you can divert necessary resources to another that's more than likely to interact with you.

This type of software helps you to streamline your efforts and direct them to the people who are most likely to buy your goods and services.

The Process Fosters Interaction

Understanding and being able to see that any prospect has opened one of your email several times in one day is valuable information that you can act on. At Outreach, we even include the capability for you to view how many times your prospect has opened an attachment or clicked on a link that you supplied within the email.

Even a follow-up email can be tracked.

Tracking Salesforce Emails Means Unique Insights

This process also allows the sales team to review prospect's unique information. Being able to see their social media feeds can help put together an overall picture of their buying patterns and habits that is invaluable.

Composing the right kind of email is often harder than it sounds. With the ability to create a buyer profile, you'll be able to dissect the interests of the prospect you are following and tailor-make an email to their individual tastes and desires.

It's good to know that this type of software takes the uncertainty out of making emails a central hub in your sales wheel. The intelligence that you can gather with Salesforce Email Tracking means more connected prospects, more meetings, and more closed deals for your company.


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