Outreach releases a completely updated gmail experience, increasing speed and usability

Posted April 18, 2016


If you’re a Gmail user with Outreach, you’re probably aware that we enriched the Gmail experience with more features by leveraging the Outreach compose window in place of the standard Gmail compose window.

I’m excited to announce today that we have released a completely redesigned Gmail experience, which is more native, and more performant. Let’s take a look.

The Demo

In the previous experience, if users turned on the switch next to the compose button, Gmail would use the Outreach compose.

In the new experience, if a user is part of the Outreach Beta Program, and the new experience is enabled in the options section of the extension, users will have the standard Gmail compose decorated with Outreach functionality. This includes open tracking, click tracking, and tracking of activity to Salesforce.

Users can quickly turn off all tracking with the Outreach icon. The experience works with all compose views in Gmail, including inline, docked, and full screen.

Additional Information

All this is live today, and coming shortly after this are templates, scheduled send, and follow-ups.

At Outreach, we believe that building a world class product revolves around relentless dedication to the customer experience. We know how excited our customers are for this update, and can’t wait for you to try it out.


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