3 steps to seamless with Outreach Galaxy

Posted October 31, 2019

When Apple released iOS 13, they added Shortcuts, a native app that makes life easier by streamlining the actions we make every day--playing the right Spotify playlist once you arrive to the gym, turning your lights & heat on when you arrive at home, and more--and organizing them into a series of actions into a single Shortcut. These Shortcuts automated previously manual actions that required syncing apps and logins, and frankly, have put convenience and efficiency in the palm of our hands.

Shortcuts got me thinking about the evolution of Outreach and our own technology. Having been both an SDR and SDR manager at Outreach, I’ve seen first-hand how the platform makes a sales rep’s day easier. Just 2-3 years ago, Outreach wasn’t as connected as it is today. Users had to toggle between tools, apps, logins, and screens to utilize LinkedIn, chat on your website, send videos, direct mail, and other key actions for their sales workflows, which added up to a lot of manual steps. But like Shortcuts, Outreach took the actions you take each day across platforms and app--emails, phone calls, LinkedIn messages, web chat, direct mail, email--and unified them through Outreach Galaxy, allowing you to view and track all engagements on a single pane of glass and execute targeted strategies like account-based sales (ABS).

Maybe you already knew all this.

Imagine a world where Outreach and all the third party tools you use every day not only coexist, but are also tied together and automatically run when you want them to - similar to Shortcuts.

Well...that world exists NOW, all in Outreach Galaxy.

Outreach Galaxy has seamless integrations with the leading social, video, chat, direct mail, and content management vendors, allowing you to create a closed loop of engagement with your prospects. For instance, rather than wondering what to do when your prospects watch your video or get the package you sent them, Outreach Galaxy allows you to create a trigger to have your reps reach out as soon as the video is seen, or as soon as the prospect opens your swag gift, allowing you to be relevant in following up without thinking about it.

Now here’s the real truth. Apple Shortcuts sound awesome. But guess how many I have set up? ZERO! Why? Because I’m not sure how to even begin.

But I can help you set up triggers, which tell you what do as soon as a prospect watches your video, or how to maximize your direct mail budget by sending a prompt follow-up. So here’s my goal - in two minutes, let’s get you fully set up with at least one integration.

Two disclaimers: you must be an Outreach admin, and while Galaxy has 57 integrations, only the 8 vendors below directly feed their activity into Outreach and are able to support triggers.

Step One: Go to the Outreach Org Settings and install your preferred vendor.

Currently, the following vendors have direct feed activity in Outreach Galaxy:

On the right hand side of the Org Settings page, admins can install their preferred vendor across channels.

Step Two: Set up a trigger for each engagement.

Keep it simple to start. Sales organizations with different sales models can implement more sophisticated triggers, but these are the most simple ones we’d suggest. You can always get more complex later.

Chat: Set up a trigger to stop the Sequence once a chat has occurred, and prompt your rep to review the chat to decide how to best proceed next.

Video: Set up a trigger that prompts your rep to make a call as soon as your prospect finishes watching your video. Note: must be on a paid video plan to utilize triggers.

Direct Mail: Set up a trigger to send a manual or automated email to your prospect immediately after the package is delivered, allowing reps to follow-up without thinking about it.

Content Management (coming soon!): Set up a trigger to prompt your rep to send a follow-up email asking if the prospect has any questions after viewing your content.

Step Three: Watch Your Success Grow

Watch your reply rates and number of meetings booked shoot up with more seamless engagement across your accounts. With an effective platform for multichannel engagement across multiple prospects in an account, Outreach Galaxy can elevate your account-based sales strategies and level of personalization at scale.

Happy selling :)


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