Deal management

Close more pipeline with insights-driven deal inspection

Get a snapshot of every deal with insights across the opportunity lifecycle. Then, easily update any deal in the pipeline from a single location without flipping tabs. Outreach’s deal management capabilities help improve AE and sales manager efficiency so that they can focus on closing deals.

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Close more deals, faster

Trint closes deals up to 30% faster with improved insight into account activity in Outreach.

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Spend more time actually selling

Improve rep efficiency by making it simple for reps to keep all of their deals up to date with a single grid view of their active opportunities with the ability to easily edit deal values, close dates, sales stages, and next actions for all deals all at once.

    Rapidly inspect every deal in the pipeline

    Rapidly inspect every deal in the pipeline

    Drive higher win rates and quota attainment across the team. Outreach can operate as the single source of data related to deal progress, so sales managers can easily inspect and resolve at-risk deals in the pipeline.

      Demo: Outreach deal management

      The Outreach deal grid is your starting point for deal investigation: Do you have enough early-stage pipeline, or do you have deals that are stalling in the middle? View key details, sort and filter, and save views to continue tracking.

      Deal management features at a glance

      Editable deal grid
      Edit all deals in the pipeline from a single view — updates automatically write back to CRM.
      CRM validation
      Ensure changes made in the deal grid comply with validation rules set in CRM.
      Field change indicators
      Quickly identify recent edits that could impact pipeline, like changes to deal value or close date changes.
      Customizable views
      Customize the deal grid to see the right fields for each opportunity.
      Deal overview
      Key information related to the deal such as ARR, close date, state, health score, or forecast category.
      Engagement timeline
      Visual timeline of buyer and seller activities including calls, emails, and meetings
      Health insights
      Detailed view of Deal Health Score including seven-day trends, and recommended actions.
      See what topics have been mentioned most recently, or compare across all emails and meetings.

      See the full power of the Sales Execution Platform

      Create quality pipeline, maximize rep productivity, and drive predictable revenue growth with Outreach.
      Maximize seller productivity with high-impact sequences and playbooks that help the entire sales organization efficiently create new pipeline.
      Run deep, data-driven deal inspection with reps, focusing on actions that accelerate deal velocity and boost conversion rates.

      Increase win rate by 26% by allowing AEs and customers to jointly drive smooth, predictable purchase processes that improve deal qualification and clarify every deal’s next steps.

      Run winning sales meetings with real-time, in-meeting enablement that decreases rep ramp time while automatically surfacing trends, new objections, and competitive threats.
      Increase quota attainment with insights that guide sellers before, during, and after critical meetings. Share examples of best practices, coach on next steps, and spot risks across every deal, without having to attend every call.
      Quickly identify and prioritize the winnable opportunities, spot at-risk deals, and get actionable recommendations that increase win rates.
      Confidently inspect your pipeline to detect gaps, model assumptions, and scale strategies that increase conversion rates and seller productivity.
      Make forecasting less manual, more frequent, and increasingly accurate. Adjust assumptions, model scenarios, and analyze trends to increase pipeline coverage and win rates.