Outreach for Sales Leaders


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Outreach helps sales leaders cut through the noise and see a clear picture of why they win, why they lose, and what to do to win consistently.


Give your teams the tools to develop a repeatable sales process so every seller understands the next best action to move deals forward.


Improve your sales motion by designing shared workflows for your sales and account management teams in one place to land, expand and retain customers.


Use visible and actionable insights from Outreach’s predictive AI to lead your sales team effectively and remove risk, blockers, and inefficiencies before they impact revenue.

Outreach is taking what were once manual processes and is making them digitalized, and it's beginning to allow much more time and energy to be focused externally, helping our customers solve their problems

Eric Law


Sales execution report highlighting prospect contacts, responses, and invitations.

Activity Inspection

Reduce pipeline risk by ensuring your team executes the top-of-funnel activities that create qualified opportunities. Show sellers what good looks like and ensure they do the right activities, not just more activities.

    Weighted pipeline management funnel displaying total pipeline, remaining quota, total weighted value, and coverage gap

    Pipeline Management

    View areas of opportunity and risk in your pipeline at a glance and act quickly when your forecast is at risk. Pipeline management software lets you create the right activity plans, pull the right deals in, and align with the right executives when you need to close gaps in coverage.

      Outreach's deal insight overview consolidating deals requiring attention and their complete history in a single place

      Deal Inspection

      Use deal insights to identify the deals that need your attention and view their history in one place. Reduce the time it takes to understand what’s happened, what’s next, and what’s needed to keep deals critical to the forecast on track to close.

        Outreach's forecasting software displaying your team's forecast and their deals, all centralized in one place.


        Use a transparent view of deal activity to remove hours of forecast preparation meetings and create a board-ready forecast in minutes. Boost the accuracy of your forecast with forecasting software that lets you test multiple scenarios and combine predictive AI with your own judgment.