The book on sales engagement is out now!

Posted March 12, 2019

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By Joe Vignolo

Senior Content Managing Editor at Outreach

Extra! Extra! Breaking News! The wait is over!

Our new book, Sales Engagement: How The World's Fastest Growing Companies are Modernizing Sales Through Humanization at Scale, is officially available on Amazon and other booksellers!

If you’re reading this, you’re actually one of the first people to know the book is out (aren’t you fancy). Written by our very own Manny Medina, Max Altschuler, and Mark Kosoglow, Sales Engagement was officially unveiled yesterday at Unleash 2019, Outreach’s annual Sales Engagement conference that brings together more than 1,000 from the world's most innovative and fastest-growing companies.

Sales engagement book

So what makes Sales Engagement different from all the other sales-focused books out there? Glad you asked.

Sales Engagement contains perspectives from revenue-generating royalty, thought leaders, customers, partners, practitioners, and executives representing a vast array of companies of various sizes and industries. In other words, it’s packed with advice and insights from a who’s-who of sales and marketing professionals.

Some of the strategies and topics covered in this meaty, 240-page tome include:

  • How to find common factors holding your sales team back—and reverse them through channel optimization
  • How to humanize sales with personas and relevant information at every turn
  • Understanding why A/B testing is so incredibly critical to success, and how to do it correctly
  • Metrics to measure in a modern sales organization
  • Ways to ramp new sales reps faster

Sales Engagement is the culmination of months of hard work and we’re so excited to share it with you!

P.S. This is already selling like hotcakes so don’t delay and get your copy today! Once you get your copy, snap a pic and post it on social using #salesengagement.

P.S.S. Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon!

Happy Selling!


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