Introducing Outreach Meetings

Posted November 14, 2017

Outreach Meetings reduces the hassle of scheduling meetings and increases hold rates.

Sales reps spend up to ⅔ of their time not selling. And a lot of that time is taken up by the administrative work that comes with holding, following up on, and scheduling meetings. Instead of focusing on engaging with prospects and customers, sales reps spend hours playing calendar "bingo" and manually sending follow-ups. And still, 20% of booked meetings fail because a prospect cancels or forgets to show up. Imagine a world where you never had to worry about these problems again.

Were excited to bring you Outreach Meetings, a first of its kind, comprehensive sales meeting solution - built right into Outreach.

Our Vision for Outreach Meetings

Outreach Meetings is a solution thats uniquely created for the specific needs of sales teams, equipping you with the best tools in the industry to reduce no-show rates and making it easy and efficient to book meetings intelligently.

We are creating a suite of features that solves all the pain points of scheduling meetings by replacing manual, disorganized tasks with hassle free, intuitive solutions. Our goal is to help you book more meetings with fewer clicks, in less time.

With Meetings:

  • The hassle of going back and forth to schedule a time to meet will be gone.
  • All of the follow-up and tasks before and after a great meeting will be intelligently automated.
  • We’ll make it drop-dead simple to allow prospects to book times and for you to do group scheduling and book meetings on behalf of your colleagues.
  • And we’ll power you with every possible tool to ensure your meetings are attended and set up for success.

Outreach Meetings will integrate seamlessly with Google Calendars and Office 365, and automatically sync with Salesforce to keep you in control of your schedule wherever you work. We will also give you the intelligence to book smarter, more effective sales meetings with a strong focus on actionable analytics.

Calendaring with Outreach Meetings

The first phase of Outreach Meetings is our robust suite of calendaring features, currently available in Google Calendar and coming soon to Office 365 and Exchange. Here are the features you can access today:

  • Save time with pre-written calendar invite templates with information like conference call details, that your whole team can use.
  • Insert availability as bookable time blocks so your prospects can book meetings with you instantly.
  • Include public calendar links so your prospects can easily find a time that works for them or reschedule meetings without additional back and forth.
  • Manage multiple schedules with the ability to book meetings on behalf of someone else, like a sales development rep scheduling meetings for an account executive.
  • And keep all of your records up to date with our seamless sync to Salesforce, even if the meeting changes.

How It Works

Outreach Meetings is designed to accelerate and simplify scheduling meetings with prospects, while ensuring more meetings happen.

Easily setup and personalize Outreach Meetings

Outreach Meetings integrates with your calendar, letting you create reusable templates with conferencing details and personalize your invites with dynamic variables.

Share availability from anywhere

Share availability right from your inbox or anywhere you browse. You can provide visibility to your whole calendar and even offer to book times on behalf of colleagues.

Schedule Meetings Quickly and Easily

With Outreach Meetings, let prospects schedule for you and reschedule at ease; you're automatically notified when prospects schedule or reschedule time on your calendar.

Availability and Roll Out

The calendaring features are rolling out over the next week for Google Calendar users, with support for Outlook coming later this year. Additional features, including note taking, round robin scheduling, and analytics, will roll out through the first half of next year.

Ready to take back control of your sales meetings? Contact your Customer Success Manager or email to get started today.


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