Expanded call analytics help you better understand your sales performance

Posted July 26, 2017

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

Analytics are mission critical to understanding if you’re making the right strategic decisions to hit your sales goals. Imagine your phone dies on a road trip and you pull over at a gas station to get directions (how 90s of you!). Not having good sales analytics is like knowing you have to turn at the stop sign in a mile but not knowing whether you need to go right or left. You cross your fingers and pick one, but before you know it you’re headed to Spokane, not Seattle. An easily preventable mistake if only you had access to the right information.

The stakes are high for sales managers and sales reps to make strategic decisions based on the information they have at hand. That’s why we’re constantly working to give you access to more robust data. We recently released updates for call analytics that give you access to cleaner data and more control over the metrics you see. With access to more data, you will have a holistic picture to help you assess the health of your sales pipeline and drive your strategy in the right direction.

Search and filter update

Sometimes when you look at call analytics, you need more context to really understand what you need to know about your sales strategy. Let’s be honest, prospecting call statistics look way different from those of a demo call, and you probably have different benchmarks for each type of call your team makes. Additionally, you have a lot of insights to glean by looking at the data around different call outcomes - perhaps you want to isolate only the calls that resulted in setting a meeting to isolate different variables that would help you drive more meetings going forward.

Now you can. With this release, you can filter your call analytics by both the purpose of the call and the disposition to give you more specific data and more complex analytics capabilities. See it in action here:

Even more, you can now select multiple tags within each filter. Sometimes when you have so much data, it’s helpful to lump categories together to create a cleaner view, like when you’re creating reports for executives or if you want to see a combined view of two related outcomes or dispositions that tell a similar story about your pipeline.

Call leaderboard update

It’s nice to get deeper insights into how the individual members of your team are performing. With this update, you can see a summary of calls attempted and calls completed by individual when looking at the call insights analytics page.

sales call leaderboard in Outreach

To dig even deeper, you are now able to breakdown call analytics into more granular duration categories in the graph view. You can filter calls by: under 30 seconds; 30 seconds - 2 minutes; 2-5 minutes; 5-10 minutes; and over 10 minutes. Since longer calls indicate your team is having meaningful conversations and connecting with prospects, it’s key that you’re able to differentiate between your four minute calls and your 15 minute calls at a glance. You can see this in aggregate or by individual user. Here’s how it looks:

We want to ensure that you not only have access to the right data, but that you can see it in the way that will help drive you to make the right decisions. With more information around the calls you and your team are making, you can set strategies based on a clearer, more accurate view of how you’re actually performing. As for your next road trip- we can only suggest a backup charger.


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