Work and close opportunities directly from Outreach

Posted May 17, 2018

View and take action on Opportunities directly from Outreach while tying every activity back to expected revenue lift

Opportunities are the lifeblood of any sales team — especially closers. Opportunities track a prospect or account through the entire buying journey, provide valuable data about the status of a customer or account, and most importantly, show how much revenue you can expect to generate from a deal. Essentially, they’re the best thermometer you have on the value of your pipeline, velocity of your sales cycle, and the health of your business.

However, this rich information is only as powerful as the actions you can take from it and the results those actions drive.

We’re excited to share that we’re bringing Salesforce Opportunity data directly into Outreach. Now teams can have visibility into open opportunities and take action to work those opportunities right from Outreach. We’re building a solution to help your entire team better tie sales activities to what will impact their pipeline and seamlessly leverage account-based strategies to close open opportunities faster.

With opportunity mapping in Outreach, customers will be able to:

  • View, manage, and track opportunities through the entire sales pipeline
  • Take actions in Outreach (like calling a prospect or sequencing multiple prospects) right from the Opportunities page, and have clear visibility into the actions needed to drive deals forward
  • And measure the revenue impact of every sales activity on an opportunity with Revenue Attribution.

You need to know which activities are most effective at opening new opportunities, which actions turn those opportunities into booked business, and how you can identify and close expansion opportunities in your existing customer base. And you need the ability to keep that opportunity up to date as you take actions inside of Outreach so that you can accurately report on pipeline and keep each opportunity up to date. With opportunities in Outreach, you will know exactly where you stand and what you need to do to stock your pipeline, accelerate deals, and get business over the finish line in the most revenue efficient way possible -- all without ever leaving Outreach.

Today, fields in your Salesforce Opportunity object can be displayed inside of Outreach including size, stage, and owner. This allows reps to view and keep track of the status of the opportunity they’re working from Outreach, and take actions on the highest priority opportunities first.

Account Executives and full-cycle reps will be able to view and work opportunities in Outreach, and will be able to attribute activities and sequences to what moves the needle on deals in a more precise way. They can even view all prospects tied to an open opportunity and take bulk actions from the opportunity page to more strategically work their pipeline. And because data on sales activities executed in Outreach is synchronized with the associated Salesforce opportunity object, actions taken in Outreach will automatically sync back to the Salesforce record to ensure accurate reporting and pristine data.

Account Managers and Customer Success Managers will be able to better monitor renewal and expansion opportunities and take action in a more timely way. They will see when a customer is up for renewal or likely ready to expand their contract. They will also be able to segment accounts based on account priority and levels of engagement, and schedule perfectly-timed follow ups to optimize retention and expansion while minimizing churn.

Opportunities are the primary currency for your reps who focus on closing deals, from new business to expanding existing accounts. It’s critical in a Customer Engagement Platform that opportunities are optimized for the entire team, not just hunters. That’s why we’re investing in these capabilities to make opportunities not only informative for prospecting, but actionable for the reps on your team who close business and drive revenue growth.

Moreover, with Revenue Attribution, teams can report on which actions taken in Outreach, from sequences to activities within a sequence, impact any given opportunity. In essence, you can attribute the sales activities every member of your team completes in Outreach to the opportunities in your business’s pipeline and the revenue you generate. This is unparalleled intelligence into the return on how your team is spending their time to help you get to optimal revenue efficiency.

We’re excited to bring opportunity data into Outreach to help give you better visibility into your pipeline and take action in the most impactful way. Additionally, over the coming months we’ll be building an even more robust feature set to help you better automate actions related to an opportunity and access opportunity data wherever you work.


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