Outreach announces Salesforce engagement overlay for better communication flow

Posted April 15, 2016

Andrew kinzer headshot

By Andrew Kinzer

VP of Product Strategy at Outreach


Today, I want to introduce you to an incredible update we made for Account-Based Sales workflows in Salesforce that is going to completely change the way you run your sales process.

One of the biggest keys to running Account-Based Sales workflows is to think about the account first, and the contacts second.

You're going to want to spend more time understanding key aspects of the account so you can have a great conversation that really helps you build that relationship.

Then, when it comes to running your calls, you want to make them as efficient as possible, right?

So that's why we upgraded our Salesforce engagement layer to make it easier than ever to call and email with a click, using our communication sidebar.

This new experience is so efficient, we won't be surprised if a lot of people try to copy it over the next 3-6 months.

Demo - Account View

Many people running account-based sales workflows will start at the account level, scanning information about that account, and then they will do their dialing on the contacts.

With our old experience, you couldn't click to call, and to send an email, there was an in-page button that created an in-page compose window.

With our new upgrades, users can now simply click the phone number to start a call.

As always your call and email history will automatically be posted to Salesforce, including the call disposition, call duration, and more.

You can even click the email address to send a follow-up email after the phone call is completed, and leverage your templates, open and click tracking, scheduled send and more all right from the same view.

Demo - Contact View

If you run your account-based sales process starting from the contacts view, it works the same.

Simply start down the list of calls to be made, going one by one, and add your notes and dispositions to the call log.

Demo - Sequence

When you want to run true account-based sales workflows, there is no replacement for a sequence, to help you tackle a series of tasks optimized for success.

Simply click on the blue icon next to the name, and you will see the record, and be able to start a sequence from here.

Choose your sequence, add to sequence, and go.

Additional Information

As you can see, leveraging Outreach Voice, Emails, and Sequences on top of Salesforce lets you streamline the experience of running account-based sales, so you can spend more of your time researching your accounts and contacts.

In the future, we will extend this to tasks view in Salesforce as well, so that when Outreach syncs those incompleted tasks to Salesforce, and you'd like to complete them one by one right there, you can do that quickly and easily.

The new features I covered today are live now and if you don't see them, just manually update your chrome extension to the latest version.

That's it for today, look out for more ABS communication upgrades coming to you from Outreach.


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