Build, scale, lead a high-performing sales development team

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Top sales development leaders use Outreach to hit their goals

As a sales development manager, you need your whole team producing. More activity means more meetings, a healthier pipeline and more revenue.

But team productivity can slow if you’re onboarding new reps, or your team isn’t focused on the highest priority prospects and tasks. Outreach helps your reps focus on prospecting and qualifying customers to fill pipeline, and helps you uncover exactly where you need to spend time coaching and strategizing to hit your goals.

Every day

Ensure the whole team is productive

  • Quickly assess activity levels across the team.
  • Ensure priority prospects are being worked.
  • Track daily lead volume

Every week

Drive more effective 1:1s

  • Review detailed insights on rep performance, including weekly KPIs and individual calls.
  • Focus coaching on the reps that need it most.

Every quarter

Optimize workflows

Analyze buyer sentiment to optimize sequences, messaging and content.
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    Outreach is the pillar of how we’re able to scale. It is the lifeblood of how the SDR team operates every day.

    Nicolette Mullenix

    Sales Director, Enterprise

    Build pipeline momentum

    When your whole team uses Outreach, you create a continuous cycle of action, insight and optimization that builds momentum and velocity like a flywheel.

    Maximize your productivity
    Shift rep focus from manual, low value tasks, like setting reminders and scheduling calls to high value, scalable, revenue-generating activities. Get the whole team to follow a proven playbook that automates the right message at the right time to book more meetings. Reduce ramp time for new reps with shared workflows, messaging and content. Motivate the whole team with clear tasks, metrics, and straightforward incentives.
    Optimize your path to quota
    Uncover pipeline risk before it negatively impacts your deal flow. Track the entire team’s activity to ensure there’s enough engagement to turn prospects into opportunities. Track buyer sentiment to measure, optimize and coach your reps.
    Operate with confidence
    Get all of your reps following winning best practices from a proven playbook. Automate metrics tracking and quickly create accurate forecasts and attainment reports. Develop strong handoffs across sales and marketing.

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