Announcing last-touch sequence attribution

Posted July 17, 2019

Prioritize the Sequences that Build Your Pipeline

Imagine if sales operations had a decoder ring that highlighted which selling activities generated the most revenue and those that detracted from generating revenue. Sales leaders and managers could:

  • prioritize the highest revenue-generating activities
  • retire or revamp low-value tasks
  • concentrate on the most-valuable activities for pipeline and revenue creation

Trace Sequences to Opportunities and Revenue-Generated

While decoder rings aren’t in our product roadmap, our new feature, Last-Touch Sequence Attribution gives sales ops the power to identify which Sequences have led to opportunities created and in turn, have contributed the most revenue.

Last-Touch Sequence works by identifying the last Sequence the prospect was in before they were converted to an Opportunity in Salesforce, helping connect sequences to opportunities and ultimately revenue as they convert.

With this new Sequence attribution data, sales management can compare the efficacy of Sequences across all facets of the opportunity by quarter or year over year and have contributed to pipeline and revenue, and extend the use of the highest performing sequences.

Before Last Touch Sequence Attribution, we were lacking visibility into which Sequences drove opportunity when the meeting was set over email, as opposed to phone. We're now able to build smarter Sequences and close the loop with marketing on what content is generating opportunity, not just opens and clicks.

How Last-Touch Sequence Attribution Works

Outreach will consistently log the name of currently active sequences to your Leads and Contacts in Salesforce. The instant an Opportunity is generated from one of those records, Last Touch Sequence Attribution will transfer the name of the latest used sequence to a custom field on the Opportunity record, making it available for reporting and analytics within Salesforce. Last-Touch Sequence Attribution gives sales leaders newfound insights into the relationship between each Sequence and the resulting opportunities and revenue. Simply read our support article to learn how to install the package and configure Outreach and Salesforce. And if you need help, let your Customer Success Manager know!


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