CCPA, compliance, and your customers: Outreach has you covered

Posted January 6, 2020

In case you missed it, just a few days ago the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) officially became law, giving California residents greater rights and privacy over their personal information and data.

Although the CCPA may sound like a single state law, make no mistake: the CCPA applies to all California residents and companies that do business in California, affecting at least half a million U.S. companies. What’s more: many experts predict that this is the start of a national trend where other states start passing similar consumer protection laws.

The fact is, whether your company currently does business in CA or not, Outreach has compliance top of mind to keep you selling.

Dedicated CCPA Compliance Support

To align to the CCPA, Outreach has created a dedicated data export and delete process through our Support Portal.

Now, users can request a full customer data deletion or export through our Support Portal. Users can request access or deletion through Outreach’s Support Portal and receive a confirmation once the profile data has been exported or deleted to deliver thorough and timely compliance to CCPA requirements.

New Unsubscribe Capacity

In addition to our enhanced Support Portal, we are also continuing to invest in compliance by allowing you to add unsubscribe language to bulk composed emails.

In your Outreach org settings, you can choose to add new unsubscribe language to all bulk emails sent by your team.

Now, all bulk composed emails sent via Sequence will have the same unsubscribe link as non-Sequence emails. With this new feature, prospects can select their most preferred communication channels while also helping you better enforce your compliance strategies. (This feature will be available for all customers on 1/8/2020)

Make 2020 your year of selling, not a year about worrying about compliance. Learn more about our CCPA compliance and new unsubscribe functionality and get started today.

Legal Disclaimer: We applied our best understanding of the California Consumer Privacy Act when building this article. However, we are not legal professionals. To minimize risks, kindly refer to the actual text of the CCPA and seek the advice of your corporate lawyer.


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