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Posted September 4, 2018

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By Chelsey Feldman

Product Marketing at Outreach

We're partnering with Drift to extend your Outreach conversations into your website chat!

Conversations are the most critical part of any salesperson’s job. Yes, meetings, negotiations, and contracts are all important, but meaningful conversations are what gets you there. However, throughout a customer’s journey with your company, they have many different interactions with a several different people in a lot of different places. How do you leverage the conversations you’re already having to provide a consistent brand experience?

To accomplish this, we are partnering with the leaders in chat to allow your sales and marketing teams to better align and have more fluid conversations with customers. Today, we’re excited to share the first of those integrations with best-in-class conversational marketing platform, Drift. By combining Outreach’s touch points across email, voice, text, social and text with Drift’s engaging web chat experience, we’re making it possible for you to continue conversations where your buyer wants to communicate and where they are most engaged with your brand.

Outreach + Drift Integration

We’re excited to partner with Drift to enable your sales and marketing teams to work together to bridge the gap between conversations that happen with sales reps over email, and the experience buyers have when visiting your brand’s website. Our goal is to help you interact with buyers where they’re most engaged, and visiting your website is one of the strongest signals of engagement out there. By combining website chat with sequences we’re giving you the opportunity to take your sequences to the next level.

The Drift + Outreach integration will combine the power of chat and sequences in three ways:

1. You can add links to your website in a sequence, and start Drift chats on your website once your prospect clicks that link.

Drift and outreach integration

A key signal of engagement is when your prospect receives your email and clicks the link to the blog post or case study that you included. But how do you make the most of that engagement to have a meaningful interaction with them while they’re on your site? Now, when prospects in a sequence follow these links, you can continue the conversation with Drift chat.

2. When a lead comes in through your website and engages with the Drift chatbot, you can trigger the chatbot to add the prospect to a sequence based on the conversation outcome.

A graphic with a light blue background featuring the logos of Drift and Outreach at the top. Below the logos, there are two icons:

On the left, a chat bubble icon representing communication and engagement.
On the right, a checkmark inside a circle symbolizing task completion and success.

Inbound leads are the hottest leads, and you need a system in place to make sure you’re engaging with them as quickly as possible -- while you’re still at the forefront of their mind. With this integration, you will be able to trigger leads to be added to a sequence based on different outcomes of your buyer's conversation with your Drift chatbot.

3. When engaging with a prospect in Outreach, view Drift chat history in a Sales Intelligence Tile.

A graphic with a light blue background featuring the logos of Drift and Outreach at the top. Below the logos, there are three interconnected icons arranged horizontally:

A chat bubble representing conversation and engagement.
A checkmark inside a circle symbolizing task completion and success.
A graph with an upward trend indicating growth and performance.
The icons are linked by a dotted line, illustrating a workflow or process integration between Drift and Outreach. The overall design is clean and professional, highlighting the partnership and combined functionalities of the two platforms.

When you’re having conversations with your customers, it’s important to see the whole story. And a history of how they’ve engaged on your website is just as important as your email history and account notes. You will be able to see a full history of your prospect’s Drift chat conversations right from outreach so you can have consistent conversations across all channels and have better sales and marketing alignment. Better alignment = a better customer experience.


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