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How a customer success manager uses Outreach to build relationships

Posted April 2, 2024

Cassey Dang, part of Outreach's customer success team, gives us an insider’s look at how she uses the platform to manage her day and build exceptional customer relationships.

Tagging for targeted communication

Cassey starts her day by reviewing the prospects and contacts within her accounts, frequently using Outreach's tagging feature. This handy tool allows her to categorize various personas she interacts with, like admins or sales leadership. With these tags, Cassey can dispatch targeted messaging that's highly relevant to each group. For instance, she can swiftly select all admins she works with for sequencing or sending bulk emails, particularly useful during holidays or when platform updates are necessary.

Getting more from meetings with Kaia

Kaia, Outreach's conversation intelligence tool, is another vital piece in Cassey's toolkit. She records all her meetings and includes these recordings in her follow-up emails, ensuring stakeholders are on the same page regarding meeting discussions and outcomes. The meeting summary feature, which outlines next steps and key discussion points, saves her the time of re-watching recordings.

Smart Meeting Assist for effective follow-ups

Cassey also uses Smart Meeting Assist feature to quickly draft follow-up emails after complex discussions where key details need to be captured with nuance and accuracy. 

Task management for personalized engagement

Lastly, Cassey employs tasks in Outreach for personal reminders, like sending a welcome-back note to a stakeholder returning from maternity leave. This approach allows her to add a personal touch to her communications and manage follow-ups without the need to juggle multiple platforms.

There's more to explore

With Outreach, customer success managers like Cassey can streamline their workflows, personalize customer interactions, and stay proactive in their approach. Request a meeting to learn more about what Outreach can do for your team. 


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