The Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself Now for a Successful Summer

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Mark Kosoglow

VP Sales

By Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales I know you are locked in on hitting your number this month, but, as it speeds by, it’s critically important to evaluate next month’s goals. Hate to say this, but one reason you are crazy today is you didn’t think about this month’s goals at this time last month. "What you’re thinking about directly influences the activities of your day, and your daily actions determine your results." It would be awesome if today’s activities only influenced tomorrow’s results, but they don’t. Today’s activities reach into and determine next week’s and next month’s results, too. I know what you are thinking, “Duh.” Well, if it’s such a no-brainer, why does sales leader after sales leader tell me it’s an issue for their team? Ask yourself these questions now to sharpen your focus and set yourself up on a results-driven path that leads to quota attainment in July:
  • Are you now expanding trials you want to close in July? Are you pulling in a lone wolf's buddies to join him/her in loving your product?
  • Are you roping in decision makers (DMs) and influencers by engaging with them on LinkedIn and Twitter? Who needs to be your best friend to make sure a deal closes next month? Better start the relationship building now.
  • Are you pushing people who are in trial for intros to DMs?
  • Are you prepping other DMs for a decision?
  • Are you identifying what will make the decision easy, and making sure you are hitting those success factors?
  • Have you started the "Let's set up a time to talk pricing and get this deal closed" conversation?
  • Do you have a date and time blocked off on your calendar for a call to determine when and how the deals will close that you need to close in July?
  • Have you identified what you know and what you still have to learn about an account that will materially affect whether it will close in July?
If you aren't looking at your July pipeline and asking those questions now (amongst others that will set you up to make this time next month a ton more fun and easy), you’re going to be in trouble when July gets here. Spend an hour today reviewing your July deals that need to close, answer the questions above, come up with other critical questions, then get started putting it into action!   “Everything comes to those who hustle while they wait.”   – Thomas Edison