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The Key to Unlocking Peak Sales Productivity May Be Simpler Than You Think

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Jade Makana

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As sales managers, we are always looking for methods to improve rep productivity. But not every technique needs to be so esoteric. Sometimes it's about helping reps use the tools and technology available to find an answer that is much simpler than they thought. We all love easy fixes, right?

Sales Intelligence: Give Your Sales Reps the Time of Day

When prospects don’t return calls, it’s easy to feel defeated and take it personally. This is where modern sales intelligence can come in handy. For example, are you even calling them at the right time of day? Do you even know? There are multiple ways to get this critical information. You could ask the prospect when the best time to call them is, but they may give a quick answer just to get off the phone or say something vague like “Mornings,” or worse “When I’m not busy.” There is also a host of sales data out there with statistics about the best day and time to call. This is not the most precise way to go because the data is often outdated, but it is an option. A better way would be to use technology that will tell you specifically when your own prospects are most likely to respond. This is preferable because these types of technology give you insight into your own customer base, not the general population. It is also real-time information, not from an aged study. This type of information is commonly found in a new category of technology known as sales engagement platforms. As the name implies, it is technology focused on getting reps more engagement from their prospects and leads. Sometimes the answer to getting more connections is amazingly simple–call at the time that’s best for the prospect, not for you. I’ve seen reps 2x their results using just this one approach. The product screenshot below illustrates how this sales intelligence works. I call this our Alaska Airlines view:)


In the end, keeping your reps motivated and productive is the key to reliably hitting your number. While soft skills and motivational techniques are great, don’t overlook the power of the simple and pragmatic ways that technology, data, and process can empower reps to achieve greater success.

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