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Roundtable Replay--Reasons to Rewatch the Sales Leadership Live Q&A

Max Altschuler, Vice President of Marketing at Outreach's Avatar

Max Altschuler, Vice President of Marketing at Outreach

Unleash has always been about our community and the people, so when we made the decision to take it virtual, we wanted to help the industry pivot, iterate, and even embrace the new reality. In my conversations with people, it seemed like a lot of sales leaders were in airplane safety video mode--putting on their masks first before helping others around them.

But that’s not the Outreach way. We have our customers’ backs the same way that we have each others’ backs too. It’s the genesis behind Outreach’s Career Board, and it’s the reason we just announced our investments in the new Sales Hacker community--to put our community at the center of everything we do, and connect you with other like-minded sales pros.

At this year’s Outreach Virtual Summit, I wanted to lead a live Roundtable to showcase a few leaders who are looking at things the right way and could help our audience do the same for their businesses.

I’ve known Andrea Austin, Vice President of Sales @ Nokia Software, Ralph Barsi, Vice President of Global Inside Sales @, and Trish Bertuzzi, Founder & CEO @ Bridge Group for about eight years, and asked all three to join because I've witnessed first-hand how supportive, self-reflective, and socially aware they are. They are the people that I’d want to learn from when the tides are changing and how to adapt quickly. They are also all super high character and I knew they would be perfect for this.

The session was a blast--it’s always fun to get together with passionate sales professionals who I've known for a long time and have a good rapport with--and the audience asked some great questions. They kept us engaged and I even learned a few things.

Take it from me--you may have to wait another full year before Unleash comes around, but you don’t wait to watch a replay of the Roundtable. If you’re in sales management or leadership and are trying to navigate this time of change, or a fast-growing company that is always changing, then make sure to catch a replay of “Live Q&A with the Nation's Leading Sales Leaders on Developing Sales Strategies and Building GTM Teams.” We don’t drink any champagne, but this session is one worth celebrating.

Watch the session today by clicking here!