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With Step-Specific Schedules, Users Can Now Target Personas With Precision Timing

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Introduction Hey there folks, welcome to Product News. Today, we're excited to announce that we've now made it possible for users to optimize the timing of their sequence touch points by individual step. As we've watched our users optimize sequences by persona for their account-based sales strategies, we've also seen that sales development reps want to tune the timing of their calls and emails very differently according to the personas in those sequences. As of today, in addition to setting a general schedule for their sequence touch points, team leads can now set a schedule they want specific steps to use. Let's take a look! The Demo Within your sequence, when adding or editing a step, there is now a new option on the step for schedule. By default, each step points to the schedule within the Rulesets for determining the days in the week, and times of day to perform the emails, calls, and tasks. However, for specific steps, such as your calls, team leads can now specify any schedule they choose, and it will override the schedule in the master Ruleset. Additional Information The new Schedule selection per step gives teams the ability to fine tune the timing of their touches by persona and communication channel. In practice, we've found that users who are looking to really fine tune their communication efforts will create schedules by channel, by persona, and then apply them to the correct steps in a sequence.