Dec 19, 2017 | Sales Best Practices

New Heights for the Outreach Customer Community. Introducing: The Peak

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Charlotte Lilley

Director of Customer Marketing

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We’re excited to announce some big news surrounding our customer community!

We launched our customer community back in May of this year. The purpose of the community is for Outreach customers to freely exchange tips, tricks, thoughts, and feedback, as well as pose questions about the Outreach products and business. Along the way, they’re rewarded for their participation with points they can redeem for things like one-of-a kind Hero socks, a team pizza party, or an hour of free consultation with a product manager. 

When we launched, our initial goal was to give our customers a voice by providing a place where they could be actively involved in more than simply using Outreach, the product. We also wanted to start a shared identity around our Heroes, which we did, and it’s really taken off. Now, customers ask how they can become a Hero. And internally, our Heroes are practically celebrities – they even have their own wall of honor in our office. 

Since May, feedback in the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Engagement is high and Outreach customers are sharing best practices, engaging with products before they're available to the public, and are able to participate in thought leadership opportunities. At the same time, they've been building a network through peer-to-peer interaction and sharing best practices.

Now, our vision and goal for the community has shifted. We want to create a broader grassroots movement open to all. We want to build an inclusive place where all customers can have a supportive onboarding experience, get access to specific education tools, and engage directly with our product, the product team, and each other. A destination, workshop, resource, and community that helps anyone reach the peak of performance.

We are one with our customers at Outreach. They’re our greatest source of inspiration, whether developing new product features or refining existing ones. That’s why we've taken the past 7 months to listen to feedback from customers on how they want to further engage with their community of peers.

Today, we're proud to unveil our new and improved community, The Peak: where Outreach heroes reach maximum potential. Just like any team making an ascent, we all tie together to push forward, pull one other up, and help each other reach the summit of our sales profession.

Here's what you'll experience at The Peak:

  • Exclusive Product Access. Get access to our product certification program, first dibs on beta opportunities, and direct access to the Outreach Product team. 
  • Expert Insights. The Peak is where thought leadership in the sales industry comes to life. You’ll see real-world stories, one-on-one interviews, and proven case studies from folks who have found success  with Outreach, along with strategies you can apply to advance your own career.
  • Peer Advice. What’s a community without a social platform? Add your own voice to the mix with our community discussion board, where you can ask questions, provide answers, share your own insights and engage with people and ideas!
  • Knowledge Bombs. The Peak is designed to blow minds and blow up expectations with its deep knowledge sharing. You'll get videos, one pagers and invitations to webinars to make sure you're in the know with all things Outreach. We'll even quiz you if you want. 
  • VIP Access to Events. From time to time, we come down off the mountain and gather in real life to share stories, advice, ideas and innovations, and even share a tipple face-to-face. As a member,  you’ll get VIP access to our events and even get the opportunity to host your own events. 

If you haven't already, request an invitation to The Peak.

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