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Introducing Live Voice Quality Feedback

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Rachael Siegel

Associate Product Marketing Manager

You’ve finally connected with a hot lead, and they’re interested in your product! As you get into the best part of your pitch, the call quality drops and they can no longer hear you. You try to reach back out and apologize for the disruption. No luck. Your conversation is now off track and you’re flustered, unable to regain your composure. The opportunity has been lost.

Connecting with a prospect on the phone is a critical component to closing deals. It’s frustrating to have poor call quality and dropped calls, and it can take a hit on your sales confidence.

Outreach is committed to ensuring you have consistent, reliable call quality. That’s why we’ve added a live quality sensor and built-in audio settings to Outreach Voice. You now have even more control to ensure call quality before dialing, and make adjustments as needed mid-conversation.

Know you have the right microphone and call quality before you dial

To adjust these settings, click on your initials in the top right corner of your Outreach web app and select “Audio settings”. If you have multiple microphones connected you will see multiple options under the microphone and speaker settings. We recommend selecting the device with the best quality.

Under the microphone settings you’ll notice that there is a blue meter, which shows you the amplitude of sound recognized by your browser. You can play a test sound through your speakers to ensure your headphones are connected correctly.

When a call is placed, you’ll see a microphone symbol appear on the right-hand side of the call bar. This provides you with real-time feedback on your microphone settings, so you know without a doubt that prospects can hear you and your connection is strong.

Troubleshooting tip: if we detect low volume, check your audio and microphone settings to ensure you’re connected to Outreach!

Adjust during the call

When a call is active, select the wrench symbol, found on the green call bar, to adjust your settings. Adjustments will be saved and remembered by Outreach for future calls.

For more information, take a look at our support page or email us at with any questions!