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GIFs and Good Listeners: Insights from the Outreach Summit in NYC

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The best listeners are the ones who win. In the opening session of the Outreach Summit in New York City, our SVP of Revenue Ops, Matt Millen, exclaimed this to the crowd. I first heard this insight when I was an SDR at my previous company, and it’s some of the best sales advice I’ve ever received. I always got the same feedback about my calls: you need to talk less, and listen more. The Summit was about gathering salespeople who were willing to listen, and helping them become even better. The customers who attended were so excited and willing to learn, I can only imagine how effective they are on sales calls, listening to the pain points of their prospects!

Our dream day is the day when our customers can answer questions about Outreach before we even can. And guys: that day was last Tuesday. At the Summit, I met multiple teams who are building out Outreach only teams. That means they’re training people on Outreach so well that they won’t even need us anymore. This moment culminated during the training session on (Loren’s session) when one customer asked a question, and before our Director of Education Services, Loren, could even answer, another customer did! Loren didn’t look upset; in fact, he practically lit up with joy. This was such an awesome moment to hear about and experience.

Personalization is more than just a buzzword. We’ve all heard the buzz around account-based sales and social selling: but how can you take personalization one step further? Kevin Chiu of Sales Hacker, one of our Customer Speakers, explained how he is using personalization to sell his product even to the people who are most resistant to being sold to. In Kevin’s case, these people were developers, who are often extremely technical, averse to sales, and hard to contact because they don’t have phones. So, instead of just finding out personal details about his prospects, Kevin includes personal details about himself--from GIFs to his obsession with excellent snacks--in order to show his prospects that he is a real person. I loved the idea of taking the time to show your customers and prospects not only that you care about who they are, but that you want them to get an idea of who you are as well.

Up next the Outreach Summit is coming to San Francisco and Seattle. Check out the agenda and register for the remaining Summits here.

And if I haven’t convinced you yet, here’s my favorite GIF of all time…


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