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Announcing Outreach + Dynamics 365

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Big news—four letters.


No, we didn’t just take a Myers-Briggs test (I’m an IFSP).

MSFT is the stock ticker for Microsoft, and the reason we mention it is because we have an important announcement regarding Outreach and our fellow Seattle-based company.

We are proud to share that Outreach has partnered with Microsoft to deliver a deep product integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales!

This is something our customers and prospects have asked for. We listened and so did MSFT.

We’re building the integration now, and once it’s done, it will provide a complete system of action for sales teams that use Dynamics to more effectively engage prospects and close deals faster.

The entire Outreach team is incredibly excited to strengthen the bond between our two businesses and provide value for our mutual users. In fact, Outreach CEO and co-founder Manny Medina (a former Microsoft employee) recently took the stage with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at an M12 investor summit for a fireside chat.

For those of you who have been following Outreach for awhile, you will know this isn’t the first collaboration between Outreach and Microsoft. The company’s venture arm, M12, has been an active investor in Outreach since 2016, most recently participating our 2018 Series D funding round.

So yeah, we’re besties.

As part of the integration, Microsoft customers will be able to access Outreach’s Sales Engagement platform through the AppSource marketplace, finally bringing Sales Engagement to the Dynamics 365 ecosystem. The combination of Dynamics 365 and Outreach will create a true system of engagement, which is absolutely vital as sales teams evolve from trusting their collective guts to becoming more data-oriented and scientific in engaging their buyers.

A lot of work has gone into this initiative and we can’t wait to share it with our mutual customers!

Happy Selling!

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