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Honeycomb sales team confidently navigates any customer convo using real-time guidance with Kaia

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Provide real-time coaching and enablement at scale

Take action faster by highlighting important customer information

Capture key moments while delivering an excellent customer experience

Improving the remote customer sales experience

Honeycomb, a fast-growing SaaS startup that makes it easier for engineering teams to solve problems with distributed services, had a critical need to more effectively engage with prospects and customers while rapidly scaling its sales team and business. The company chose Kaia to get new reps up to speed fast from anywhere in the world and to accelerate deals by improving virtual sales calls and customer relationships.

Provide real-time coaching and enablement at scale

Honeycomb recently quadrupled the size of its sales team, so onboarding new reps became time-consuming for their managers.

“We hold lots of enablement sessions, but not everyone is able to be in every session,” said Michael Wilde, senior account executive for Honeycomb.

Wilde said Kaia, an intelligent virtual assistant, has been a game changer for the sales team.

With Kaia, the Honeycomb sales team can surface product and competitive information on content cards in real time during calls. Reps now answer customer questions and handle twists and turns in the conversation, confident they’re delivering the right information in the right way.

“Content cards allow our product marketing team to push out content directly to the reps,” Wilde said. “With content cards surfacing the latest and greatest messaging, contextually in the moment, even the reps that didn’t attend the sessions have what they need. It’s like having a live enablement session with you on every call.”

"We’re 100% more productive in sales enablement and coaching around competitive and product information with content cards— we didn’t have anything like that before Kaia."

Michael Wilde

Honeycomb Senior Account Executive

Take action faster by highlighting important customer information

“Before Kaia, new reps would ask for recordings to learn from and honestly sometimes I wouldn’t do it because it was so difficult. You’d have to try to remember what day the meeting was or what time, and then scroll through the transcript only to confirm it wasn’t the right meeting,” Wilde said. “Now it’s not a problem. Even as a senior rep, it’s helpful for me to see what others are doing and learn from them.”

With Kaia, the Honeycomb team searches through highly accurate transcriptions for phrases, content, or other key meeting information. Bookmarking key moments within recorded meetings makes it easier to share the direct voice of the customer, which wasn’t possible before.

“I had a customer who wanted to do a proof of concept and when I went to my solutions architect, he said, ‘you recorded this in Kaia, let’s go review that.’ I had bookmarked all the important technical requests that came up while we were talking. I’m bookmarking every time he says a requirement. That's something I hadn't really expected because you're not doing that in a Zoom call. It's just there with Kaia,” Wilde said.

Capture key moments while delivering an excellent customer experience

“When meetings moved to remote calls, I found it was harder to connect with my customer and not have my attention diverted by typing notes on my screen,” Wilde said.

Hosting the calls, sharing screens, answering questions in chat, and taking notes pulled reps’ attention in too many directions and distracted them from the actual conversations.

Honeycomb found that each sales rep took notes in a different tool. Some used Salesforce, some tracked them in separate Google Docs, and others jotted information down in Slack. It was nearly impossible to find critical data, pinpoint follow-up items or customer feedback, or allow others to access recorded meetings and notes.

When Wilde and his sales manager first saw a demo of Kaia, they immediately saw how the intelligent virtual assistant could help their team increase productivity with an easier way to run video sales meetings.

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Instead of going from Zoom to other apps for note-taking, they could invite Kaia to Zoom calls and instantly get searchable, real-time transcriptions right in the app and natively integrated with Outreach.

"With Kaia taking notes for me and the easy real-time bookmarking, I can act more like I would if I were sitting in a conference room in a real meeting," Wilde said.

Kaia goes beyond transcriptions and analyzes the conversation to surface action items, next steps and customer feedback to share with the rest of the team. For Honeycomb, this means follow-ups are faster, improving the customer’s experience and keeping them engaged.

I estimate we’re 30% more productive because we’re able to focus on the customer during the meeting and review accurate notes after the meeting for follow up.”

With Kaia, Wilde and the team use remote sales calls to their advantage, with specific improvements in their sales process and outcomes including:

"The personal benefit of Kaia for me has been that I can act the same way as I would if we were live and in person. This is a relationship-based job, wherever I can make that efficient, it’s a win. We’re more productive because we’re able to focus on the customer during the meeting."