San Francisco, CA

Deeper insights help Quantcast hone its outbound sales strategy

Key results
Targeted outbound strategies help the team balance quality and quantity
Reps get up and running quickly with dedicated training and onboarding.
Teams can identify who to reach out to and when, without anything falling through the cracks.

After realizing that a high-volume approach was no longer sufficient, Quantcast saw that their sellers needed to equip their sales teams with the insights and reporting that could help them build a more targeted outbound sales strategy. “The big goal, in a nutshell, was to become a smarter sales team,” says Taylor Corr, Head of Mid-Market Sales at Quantcast. 

One of the big differences we noticed immediately was the level of support and guidance.
Taylor Corr, Head of Mid-Market Sales at Quantcast

With Outreach’s support, teams no longer solely focused on the volume of outbound activity. Instead, they’re able to hone in on defining their ICP, industries, segments, personas — then test and iterate on messaging to drive more effective sales activity across the team.


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