LivePerson unlocks new ways to engage with prospects at scale

Key results
Outreach is the first tool that reps are enabled on at LivePerson.
Sentiment-based reply rates help teams understand what messaging resonates with their prospects.
Daily activity reports help managers ensure they’re meeting conversion targets.

The role of an SDR — and what it takes to be successful — has changed a lot in a few short years. Victoria Loewenstern, Director of Sales Development at LivePerson saw a need to balance quality and quantity to engage prospects at scale. With Outreach, the team has transitioned from traditional cold calling to deeper prospect research as they test different engagement strategies and optimize for success.

The number one tool that we're enabling on first is Outreach.
Victoria Loewenstern, Director of Sales Development, LivePerson


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What if every rep could sell like your best rep?

Outreach makes it easy for reps to self-source their own pipeline and organize their book of business.