San Mateo, CA, USA

Verkada drives digital transformation with Outreach

Key results
Outreach serves as reps’ single pane of glass for prospecting and account management.
Improved targeting has made prospecting more effective and created a stronger sales pipeline.
Managers have a complete picture of what sales activity is driving results and can coach accordingly.

Having seen how successful Outreach had been in a previous company, Mallory was on a mission to get Verkada’s sales team fully enabled on the platform. 

We want them to work smarter, not harder, and Outreach really allows them to do that.
Mallory Davis, Senior Sales Enablement Lead, Verkada

With Outreach as their single platform for prospecting and account management, reps spend less time searching for information and more time focused on their customers. Meanwhile, Verkada’s sales enablement and leadership team are more clearly able to see what activity is happening in the platform — and where they can coach and support their teams.


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What if every rep could sell like your best rep?
Outreach makes it easy for reps to self-source their own pipeline and organize their book of business.