San Jose, CA, USA

How Cisco drives global sales consistency

Key results
Over 30 sales tools have been brought together under Outreach’s single pane of glass
Sellers using Outreach are producing 85% more activity and closing at a 5% higher rate
Opportunities that have been influenced by Outreach are closing at a 50% faster rate

Cisco uses Outreach to bring consistency to how their team of over 1,200 sellers engage with their customers and track success. After bringing together over 30 tools, teams can see everything they need to execute within Outreach. By integrating with platforms like ZoomInfo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Cisco's internal tools, sellers can now evaluate their entire territory, create plans, and immediately take action within Outreach. And they're seeing results: When comparing the success of Outreach, Cisco saw 85% more activity coming from high adopters compared to sellers who aren't using Outreach.

They’re getting more face-time with their customers, they're getting more at-bats, they're creating 9% more pipeline, and they're also closing at a 5% higher rate.
Donna Sanborn, Senior Leader, Global Digital Sales Effectiveness at Cisco


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