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AI-powered workflows across the customer journey

Elevate your teams with AI-driven workflows that provide guidance on the best actions to take, suggest messages that will resonate, and eliminate tedious and repetitive work with automation. Use Outreach’s Sales AI to help every member of your team make smarter decisions, improve productivity, and achieve better outcomes across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Sell smarter with Outreach

AI learns from what has worked on past interactions and past deals to prioritize accounts and prospects, generate content, and recommend actions that have the highest chance of success

    Gemma Currier headshot
    Now that our people are using Outreach, they're contributing even more data to our system. This helps further optimize our sales workflows, which helps win more deals, which makes them want to use Outreach more, and so on.

    Gemma Currier

    Senior Vice President of Retail Sales Operations

    Work faster with Outreach

    Sales AI does all the tedious and repetitive work - generating account and prospect lists, performing research, crafting the right message. So you focus on the right accounts, qualify and close them faster.

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      With AI, everything's moving faster than ever, Outreach gives us the tools to make sure we’re delivering the right message.

      Kelly Lichtenberger

      Head of Sales Development - Email Security

      Outreach's forecasting software displaying your team's forecast and their deals, all centralized in one place.

      Grow predictably with Outreach

      Use industry-leading AI to understand which activities and messages convert to opportunities and revenue.

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        Outreach is taking what were once manual processes and is making them digitalized, and it's beginning to allow much more time and energy to be focused externally, helping our customers solve their problems

        Eric Law


        Advanced AI built for full funnel sales

        Outreach's Sales AI capabilities help every member of your sales org make data-driven decisions, execute the right actions, and drive winning outcomes.

        Outreach predicts whether a deal will close with 81% accuracy and recommends actions to keep it on track — using unique engagement signals across emails, calls and meetings.

        Get a concise AI-generated summary of the account's recent activities and get answers to the most burning questions about an account like 'What are the potential risks?' or 'What are the next steps?'

        Understand true buyer sentiment with insights about accounts and prospects including the topics discussed in a meeting, call or email. See sentiment and drill into details and share with your team to scale success

        Respond faster with auto-generated personalized messages. Outreach drafts email copy based on the prior context of conversations between buyer and seller. Reps review, edit, and send directly from their inbox.

        See your AI-powered summary after each call or meeting with links to the times where key topics were discussed. Ask important questions about the conversation, like “Who is the champion?” or “How can I re-engage the customer? AI Responses help sales leaders get up to speed quickly and identify risks and coaching opportunities.

        Outreach's delivers real-time call transcription by using a customized speech recognition model that trains on your content to learn the terms that are important to your business or industry.

        Live AI detects action items discussed during live calls and adds them to meeting transcripts. Action items are highlighted for reps so they can easily review and never let one fall through the cracks.

        Use AI to analyze pipeline coverage, including week over week trends and how much coverage is needed to meet goals for future quarters

        Predict revenue Outcomes with AI that Outreach’s own sales leaders use to call their number with 99% accuracy. Simulate your forecast millions of times and adjust your call-based analysis of historical win-rates, coverage and intra-quarter pipeline.

        More buyer-seller interaction data

        33+ million action-outcome pairings captured weekly

        More insights

        3 billion + signals used to train Outreach machine learning models
        0bn +
        Discover the AI-Powered sales execution platform

        Close more deals with Outreach’s AI-powered platform, fueled by over 33 billion interaction signals captured weekly across 6,000 customers.


        CB Insights names Outreach leader in Generative AI for Sales

        Learn why Outreach outpaced Microsoft, Writer and ZoomInfo to lead the market for Generative AI for Sales

          FAQ on AI in sales

          Workflows have become the essential method for structuring and improving sellers’ jobs at every stage in the revenue cycle. By incorporating Ai-powered workflows across the customer journey, we unlock how go-to-market teams execute and improve their selling motions. This increases seller productivity, arms teams with targeted knowledge, and frees sellers to focus on the core job of selling, being change agents, and being consultative partners to their customers.

          As AI establishes itself as an integral component of the sales technology stack, it unlocks sales workflow improvement in two powerful ways. 

          • Predictive AI understands what will happen next and provides the next best actions to take to improve the outcome of a workflow and the opportunity at stake.
          • Generative AI gives us the power to execute many of these actions, eliminating tedious and repetitive work. It also elevates sellers through guidance and prioritization.

          The future of AI will change the fundamental dynamics of selling. Mature AI sales teams will soon move from an AI-assist to an AI-led model. Instead of sellers spending inordinate amounts of time researching, building workflows, figuring out what the next move should be, and then facilitating that with an AI Assistant, we can leverage the power of AI and the wealth of data we have to direct the next best plan of sales execution. AI-powered sales will free sellers to do the human things that they do best: manage relationships, provide strategic inputs, and acting as trusted advisors to their customers.

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          Our commitment to responsible AI

          Outreach is transparent and shares documentation on how and what customer data is used in Outreach AI services.

          Outreach applies ongoing supervised learning, fine-tunes model parameters, and incorporates user feedback to retrain and improve models.

          Outreach secures the rights and permissions for all the data it uses to train its models, and Outreach only uses customer data per customers’ contractual commitments.

          Outreach continually expands high-quality datasets, improves sampling techniques, and retrains and re-evaluates models. 

          Outreach teams follow rigorously developed internal security protocols, including strict authentication protocols, to protect our models from attack.