Avanan knows exactly what it takes to hit their sales goals

Key results
All sales activities are recorded in Outreach, so sales leaders know exactly what actions drive results.
Outreach helps sellers keep up with the growing number of touches required to connect with prospects.
Reps are able to balance a high volume of calls and emails while still finding creative ways to reach out.

The sales team at Avanan knows that reaching your buyers today requires more touches than ever — upwards of 18 attempts, on average. Because every single activity is tracked and recorded, the team is able to quantify exactly what it costs to get and maintain a customer. 

The team has it down to a science: Outreach has helped Avanan’s sales development team identify how many of those touches, what types of touches, and what their daily activity should look like to reach that revenue goal.

With Outreach, we know every single day what it takes for us to be successful. As an individual, as a group, as a company.
Kelly Lichtenberger, Head of Sales Development - Email Security | Avanan, a Check Point Company


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