Outreach for Account Executives

Advance more deals to the next stage

Sell with confidence, maintain deal momentum, and always know the next best action to guide deals to close.


Grow, organize, and manage your book of business with data-backed workflows that help you find and prioritize every winnable opportunity.


Stay multi-threaded with the buying team and keep your executives informed and aligned. Improve collaboration with your partners in sales development and customer success with a single hub for landing, expanding, and retaining accounts.


Take action on the right opportunities and send the right message to the right person at the right time.

We wouldn't have our sellers use a tool if it didn’t help them accelerate deals and close more business.

Therese Mugge

Vice President of Sales

Over 6,000 global customers trust Outreach

Every quarter

Account Planning

Identify potential champions and decision-makers with Outreach Sales Engagement to construct a relevant and compelling business case for partnership. Increase sales productivity and reduce wasted effort trying to get to the right people and increase target account penetration.

    Meeting management

    Host winning sales meetings and have the answers to your buyer’s toughest questions to establish credibility. Leverage the power of AI to simplify follow-up and ensure that every deal has clear next steps.

      Deal progression

      Keep deals moving forward and create sales plans that help you stay aligned and mutually accountable with buyers to a shared project scope and timeline. Turn account plans into a compelling business case that enables buyers to sell internally on your behalf.

        Opportunity management

        Identify deal risk proactively and take action to get opportunities back on track to close. Use industry-leading predictive AI to assess the health of your deals, including what’s going well, where to focus and suggested actions to save at-risk deals.