Sunnyvale, CA

How the CRO of RUCKUS Networks leads with a bias toward action

Key results
Outreach helps teams lead with a bias toward action, not just analysis.
AI and automation reduce the time and manual tasks required to prepare sales forecasts.
Digitalizing the sales process gives sellers time back to focus on their customers.

As CRO, Eric saw the opportunity to reduce the hours spent on preparing and attending forecast meetings every week — an estimated $2 million of annual savings. More than just cost-cutting, this move has enabled the organization to make their sellers much more efficient. With Outreach, teams can bring their attention back to their customers. 

Outreach is taking what were once manual processes and is making them digitalized, and it's beginning to allow much more time and energy to be focused externally, helping our customers solve their problems
Eric Law, CRO, CommScope | RUCKUS


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